Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hang In There

I'm almost back to being able to blog in a somewhat interesting (I hope) and/or humorous vein (I hope).

This has just been a crazy, crazy time in my life. And while one would think that would lend itself well to blogging, strangely enough it hasn't.

I feel a bit superstitious... yes... I guess that is it. And it's kind of muffling me.

I do find it's easier to reveal my hand when I know it's bad.

Right now things are going well, very well. And maybe, that is such a new and unusual state for us to find ourselves in, that I'm having a bit of a hard time even processing it.

That... and... things AREN'T finalized (I hate to even say that... see? The superstition comes out... again)

On any end.

So I'm feeling a little guarded, like everything could still slide through my hands.

I don't want to count my chickens just yet.

The List:
A'ville inspection TODAY (hopefully it all goes well)
Sign Kid up for school Tomorrow
MI inspection FRIDAY
Kid school physical next week (can't believe I got in!)
Kids & I to A'ville to pack house 8/1-8/16 (I'm sure the kids will be really helpful)
Hired movers (yes! going pro!) for 8/16
Closing in A'ville 8/17
Closing in MI 8/18
Carpets replaced 8/19
Movers to MI 8/20
Unpack in MI 8/21-9/6
School starts 9/7

So.... I'm still kind of overwhelmed by everything and my time line (just a little... not to complain because things are so much better on every level than they were). Trying to rest up while I can. But, honestly, I don't feel like I've ever recouped what I lost energy-wise during the months of house showings and single parenting. I think I'll be paying for this for quite some time. I'm not as young as I look...


julie said...

Hey, I totally understand about being wary of talking about what's going on. With my house buying/selling experience, it's not final until after the closing. It still feels like you are on eggshells until the very end...because it all means so much.

You hang in there...we will be here when you are back.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Yay for going pro! Don't forget to make a list of all the basic supplies in your fridge that you won't carry with you to the new place. It's a lot easier to buy it all in one trip to the store than piece it together later on.

Totally understand about not wanting to jinx things. We're here.

G in Berlin said...

Hey, I'll be thinking of you as we are in Westchester packing up our house to turn it over empty- I hope this will be the last time and next year we will be able to just sell it.
This is no QOL, to spend vacations dealing with houses, at vast expense and no profit. :( I'm very glad you were able to sell and don't have to rent.

gooddog said...


go easy on yourself! we love you and aren't going anywhere. just because our summers are long and boring doesn't mean you have to feel guilty for not being our daily entertainment!

I love your timeline... love that the carpets get replaced before the movers upload... love that you have a couple good weeks to settle before kids school starts... love that there is a closing in Aville and that will be behind you!

I've got my finger's crossed. Hugs.

Andrea said...

Im glad to hear things are going good. Cant wait to here all about the exciting move what can I say I have no life.

Karen said...

I am so excited for you. That timeline is a bit intimidating.

And school physical already. Bummer. Our kids start in August. Mine would love to wait until September.

Me, Only Better said...

Mrs F. I haven't been around for the last two weeks, but I am so happy that things are moving forward for you and your family! This will be the summer of the move, but I bet fall will be fantastic for you!

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