Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In That Case... Carry On

Last night Kid pounced on me while I was trying to lie down on the couch and gossip with Mr F. (To know the Furious clan is to know that we love us some gossip... and... that our children like to maintain a 5 inch radius around my body AT ALL TIMES).

Kid is getting big, and while I may appear normal sized on the internets, the truth is I'm the size of a large child... and... Kid is the size of a large child (which is rapidly becoming both disturbing and dangerous). So when she pounces I fear a bit for my life. And usually start laughing hysterically out of nervousness but, of course, my laughter only encourages her...

"What are you doing?!" I managed to gasp out while trying to position my arms up in a more defensive manner.

"I'm loving you in a new different way." Kid says ominously, looming about an inch from my face.

"Okay... but... it can't involve licking." I reply nervously.

"It's not." Kid confirms.

"I'm drooling."


Smitty said...

I should have Mrs. Smitty tell you how her boys "love" her.

While it doesn't usually involve mouth wetness, which sounds horrifying, it does seem to involve physical...physicalness.

My favorite is when Things 1 and 2 climb together into her lap, and then wrestle, violently, on her lap, for the coveted space.

I should maybe consider stepping in to help but I don't want to pick favorites, you know?

Holly said...

Oh, that is SO in my future. My nearly-3yo son loves to give me 'doggy kisses', i.e. licks, probably because I recoil so. He's a can drooling NOT be next?

Mrs. Smitty said...

What Smitty forgot to mention is that I'm also the size of a large child and the Things are on the larger size of 2.

Smitty Jr also went through a frog kiss phase, although now he just tries to curl up in my lap before the Things (while he says it's to cuddle I believe it's to piss off his brothers)

Oh the "love" we mothers receive. Here's to dryer days!

Andrea said...

So I read this and thought phew so I dont have a strange child my son is always licking me especially when Im dressing or undressing my daughter never did this I actually called him a freak the other day and now he thinks its so funny to run up lick me and yell FREWK. lol

Gigs said...

My youngest always had a unique kisses, which is to say lips puckered in an very exaggerated way and yet also open, so kisses were very wet. It actually has become a silly joke in our family to kiss that way. But we've been requesting drier kisses now that he's older...and in the hopes that he won't frighten some young lady in a few years! But like the Smittys, I also get my share of rough-love from my two boys. My oldest now attempts a series of arm locks on me each night after I kiss/hug him goodnight. And at 14, he's bigger and stronger than me, even though I am larger than a large child!

Torey said...

I'm literally laughing out loud.

I frequently find myself saying "I like kisses WITHOUT teeth."

Missives From Suburbia said...

I had sort of hoped the wet loving from the children would end once my little girl was about three. I'm getting the sense I'll be disappointed.

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