Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Along The Way

The girls and I have logged MORE THAN SIX THOUSAND MILES in the ol' van this summer.

I try to make it somewhat enjoyable...

Which kind of explains our weight gain now doesn't it?

We stopped at Ikea again yesterday.

I'm still impressed with myself for coming up with that pit stop idea. I dropped the kids off to play, grabbed a cup of coffee and made myself comfortable in a fake living room (I wanted desperately to make myself comfortable in a fake bedroom) and called a friend. As it turns out hot dogs were only 50 cents and after days of McDonald's I was pretty excited to eat my meat in oblong form. So we had lunch and then hit the road again, feeling surprisingly refreshed. I said to Mr F on the phone "I really like going to Ikea and not buying anything."(It really is a completely different experience) And he said "You've built up an immunity." Although I should say that yesterday Kid stood in front of the "As-Is" room and held her arms out to block me yelling "DON'T GO IN THERE!" So some of the credit goes to Kid... although not all of it since she spent about 20 minutes trying to haggle me into buying her large sheep skins...

You've missed a fair amount of Furious shenanigans as of late. I assure you Kid is still Kid and Baby is still Baby. I wish I had more photos of their craziness...

Last night I walked into the bathroom to see Baby brushing her teeth with swimming nose pinchers on. God... that would have been a classic Baby pic.

Kid still makes me laugh non-stop. The other night while eating McDonald's in the car (umm... forgive us) I handed Kid the fries (Baby's fries I might add.... Kid didn't order them) I told her she could take some out and then give the bag to Baby.

"What is some?" Kid asked.
"A few... less than half." I replied.
"What's half?" Kid asked.
"You know what half is." I replied.
[crinkling noises]
"Did you give her the bag?" I asked.
"Yep." Kid replied.
"Did you take less than half?" I asked.
"I took what I call less than half." She replied, than added...
"and.... what you would call half."
"Does she have half of them?" I asked.
"A little less." Kid replied then cackled...

Oh I couldn't help laughing and laughing... it was so classic older sibling. As she said one day "If I'm weird it's because you made me that way." True, true. And I call that a success worth celebrating!

That's what I've got folks. Our house in Asheville closed successfully yesterday. We're closing on our new house this afternoon. So we're almost done. Our movers come on Saturday. Until then we're still kicking it at the Cougar's.


Andrea said...

I love the idea of ikea stops, not buying anything I do not have that willpower. Im without my children this week which is freakishly weird and all I can think about is IKEA I need to go but since Im depressed over missing my kids I will stay away retail therapy there would be a disaster. Good luck hope ya'll get setteled quickly,I miss your posts.

julie said...

Yahoooooooo on the closing in Ashville.

Good luck on the whole move in in AA.

Things are turning around for sure.

Elizabeth said...

There was a family with a 2 yr old and a 5(ish) yr old camping with us last week.

I told them your IKEA idea, and their eyes lit up. They may have tried it on their drive from PA to NC.

I think the idea of leaving at least one of the kids in the daycare may have been their favorite part.

lucinda said...


Shirls said...

I love Kid's math, its awesome! Hubby and I crash Ikea for breakfast (its a $1 until 11am) once in awhile :0) and that is it.. .in the door, breakfast, out the door... oh sometimes we stop just for frozen yogurt, I run in grab the cones and run out ($.75)

gooddog said...

Hilarious. Love it!! All of it! So glad to hear the AVille house closed. Whew. Glad you are almost home free. Yay Furiouses!!

Ms.Droark said...

Congratulations on closing, your kids are hilarious!

Kiki said...

Even if you don't have kids the IKEA pit stop is awesome for adults....if I am traveling on 95 which is at least, once every three months, you will inevitably find me and anyone traveling with me at the IKEA in Potomic Mills!!! So psyched for my scheduled stop there in just over a week!!!

Hoping all is well with the Furious Family...thinking of you guys!!!

Missives From Suburbia said...

She cracks me up.

I made the mistake of trying the chicken tacos. Pork next time.

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