Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Really Happening

Mr F is at the house directing the movers as we speak.

Turns out our couch won't fit in the house. Hmm. Too bad we spent $300 on ugly unnecessary red chairs when we now need a new couch.... (just sayin)

Can't wait to walk into that house full of chaos.

Here are some things...
We got the house for a deal.
The bones of the house are in fantastic condition for it's age.
The yard is spectacular.
The interior cosmetics... not so much.
Holy mackerel.
You REALLY block out light fixtures when you're walking through apparently.
It's like an 80s department store in there.
All the carpets need to be replaced ASAP due to dog & large human pee stains and odors.
I think we'll all be wearing Baby's swimming nose pinchers until we can get that ripped out.
The kitchen tiles (in an awesome pattern I might add) and laminate counters are... FLESH colored.
The kitchen sink... is... plastic.
I didn't even know you could buy flesh colored plastic sinks. Who knew?
Too bad my cast iron pans will melt it.
The glass topped stove has chunky chips in all the burners.
I spent three hours cleaning the fridge.
The pantry?... mouse poop... we'll be getting that cat pronto.
This is not to complain... just to say... we didn't notice any of this when it was furnished.
And, while the house is certainly move in ready (and still a very good deal),
It needs a lot more cosmetic work than the coat of paint we had anticipated.
Thankfully Mr F is handy.
Unfortunately he's also slow.

On the positive side this will all make for amazing before and afters....


wootini said...

Flesh colored plastic sink?! I have never in all my life heard of a plastic sink. Oh I cannot tell you how I'm looking forward to the before and afters.... Good lick with everything - hope the carpet guys can come STAT!

katieo said...

Hey, if you haven't already picked out carpet- did you want me to pop a sample of ours in the mail? Or are you good?

Mrs Furious said...

First casualty off the truck: our antique dining table! Gah!

Missives From Suburbia said...

Uh, oh! What happened to the table?!

Couches that don't fit into the new house are SO MUCH FUN. Not. I have been there, done that. FYI, Restoration Hardware takes back couches. Even ones you've sat on for over a year. Just sayin' case you need a new couch you might want to exchange in a year.

Kiki said...

Can't wait for before and them-especially yours!!!

Torey said...

human pee stains? am i reading that right???

Mr Furious said...

"human pee stains? am i reading that right???"

Well, not counting Baby peeing all over the cherry floor the second we walked in after closing? Yes. (Probably)

The previous occupants were an elderly couple, only the wife of which was able to make it out to a nursing home... So we suspect some incontinence may have been at play.

It's not like the place was a meth flop house with urine all over the walls or anything. Just dachsunds (do they all pee all over the damn place? Or just every one I've known?) and the telltale stain next to where the bed was...

Mr Furious said...

Uh, oh! What happened to the table?!

The base split in half. It was a massive base with four clawfoot legs. At first I saw it and wondered how the hell did THAT happen? But upon examination it has happened previously and been glued. Shouldn't be a big deal to repair. Perhaps we can also have the chairs from that set that we bought eight years ago repaired and restored at the same time!

Bob said...

"Thankfully Mr F is handy.
Unfortunately he's also slow."

You know, that can really hurt a guy. No matter how fasr a guy is, he will be slow when working solo. Plus a good dad likes to spend some waking hours with the family.

Mr Furious said...

There's that, Bob. Plus, I'm often figuring out how to do something for the first time. But the truth is...I'm also slow.

Gigs said...

Flesh colored plastic sink... that is hilarious...if it's not yours...

Bob said...

Wait a minute! I think I went to a high school party in that house around 1989. I think the kid's grandparents were away. We go sooo wasted.

That might explain the oldest urine stains I suppose.

Andrea said...

I can not wait for pictures, and in true furious style this house will be golden in time.I hope the carpet is first to go because it kinda sounds gross.

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