Friday, August 27, 2010

Here's The Part Where I Complain A Little (it's my nature people... and my nurture)

Okay you know how I've got everything I wanted?
You know... got out of Asheville (still miss the Super family though).
Got Mr F out of a sinking ship for a MUCH better job(more stable, more perks, more richy-richy cars for Kid to ask Mr F to drop her off in on the first day of school... yes, yes, she did).
Got back to a good group of friends.
Got back closer to family.
Got back to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (and way over priced Busch's... who do they think they're fooling?)

Added bonus our house is in a quintessential small town.
For reals.
Our neighbor flagged down the ice cream truck and bought my kids ice cream today... and he's not even a pedophile.
I've got a gossipy neighbor on the other side who runs a home daycare (gives out Barbie big wheels too) and doesn't seem to mind that my girls crawl under her bushes Every Single Day to chat and stare at the daycare kids (well Baby just scoops pea gravel into sand buckets... but Kid chats and stares). Added bonus she has a 20 year feud going with ice cream guy!
And there's a 100 year old donut shop.
And a church bell that tolls the hour.
And an active train (kind of cool... kind of annoying).
And a small hardware store where I was actually able to buy a phone when the cable guy demanded I have one for installation in 5 minutes door to door.
Oh, and we have community mailboxes (also kind of cool... kind of annoying).

So... you know... if you were a glass half full person you'd be pretty psyched.


I'm not that kind of lady.

So I'm kind of overwhelmed by the boxes and the shit spewed everywhere.
And the fact that Mr F has decided to just get dressed in the living room and lay his clothes all over the flat surfaces.
The unpacking gets old.
Real old.
And it just doesn't end.

I plowed through 14 freaking dishpacks in the kitchen in two days.
That seemed great.
Then I hit the weird boxes that were packed at the end in Asheville.
You know the ones that contain the weird shit you should have thrown out mixed with some highly necessary thing like your silverware? So you can't just chuck the box you have to go through it... and now your counters are covered in piles of weird shit that you don't really have a place for? Yes... I'm in that stage.

So I decided to completely avoid that task and focus on decorating.

As you know our house smells like someone walked in 5 minutes before you and emptied their bladder all over the floor (especially my room... thanks). This is a problem. We've had the carpet guy out and we're all measured. I've picked out the exact stuff I want. But the problem is that we can't really unpack until the carpet is in. BECAUSE we have to move everything out of the rooms for the carpet. And we're replacing ALL the carpet in the main part of the house. So we're kind of stuck in this horrible limbo. I need for my sanity to get past this unpacking phase... but... that's not really going to happen for 3 weeks or so and it's just one of those horrible things... not unpacking just makes MORE mess and chaos since there isn't anywhere to put the things we need to use in the majority of the rooms.

Also all of this has just reminded me of moving to Asheville and how shockingly hard I found this phase of a move. Mr F goes to work all day and gets out of the madness and comes home late and we need to have dinner and get the kids to bed... and very little gets accomplished. I just kind of want to freak out. I feel so stuck. I want to just whip through but I can't... either because of the carpets or because it's a project I can't do on my own. But all of this... from start to finish... the showing the house in Asheville, the packing, the moving, and now the unpacking... are time consuming efforts. Like ALL of your time. From waking to sleeping. It's exhausting never ending work... but the thing of it is... the other work... the day to day work that consumed ALL of your time before you were moving... is still there. And you can't do it all. So during the showings and packing and things that were time sensitive my parenting was sacrificed. And my personal care. And our diets. And now I'm back in the moment with the kids. I've actually gone grocery shopping and had our first week in a house with a stocked fridge in months... and all that stuff... the day to day stuff takes up ALL of my time... if I do it right.

And yet I want the house DONE (who doesn't) and functioning before school starts so that I don't murder people.

Plus, and this is serious... I haven't had a break in any way in over 6 months. Not an hour to workout. Not a book on the porch. Nothing. I've been with the kids ALL the time... and I love it... and I love them... but, peeps, I'm tired. And there are days that, while I know it isn't Mr F's fault, I can get a little ticked off that so much of this process has fallen on me... BY MYSELF. Even now... we're all together... but he's gone a lot (my grandmother can attest to that) and getting us settled is really on me. And I'm tired. And I never did get that spa weekend I had promised myself. And now we're gearing up for another stressor: back to school time... and it's just a lot. And there is shit on the floor... everywhere. And 95% of our walls, ceilings, moldings, and window treatments are ALL oatmeal colored.
Seriously. It could make you freak out. It's like being locked in an asylum.


I bought some knobs.


And that kind of made me feel better.

Maybe one day I won't have those hideous appliances...


Shirls said...

sounds wrong to say 'I love your knobs' LOL but I really do, great choice! I completely understand the frustration with limbo land, I can't function in that state and you have been amazing and doing it for a long time, truly impressive, you did it all this time, I'm sure you can rock it for just a tad longer and make sure to get in that well deserved, earned spa time at the end of it all, even if "the end" is near the end of September or into October, its still going to be a great reward

Mrs Furious said...

Ooh thanks... I love them too! I bought them out completely. Unfortunately they didn't have enough in stock to finish all the cabinets. And they might not replace them!!! I'm driving an hour this weekend to nab what I can at another store.
They're from HERE. Sadly the knobs aren't shown online.
And thanks for the cheering on. I'm just getting tired and impatient. I'm hoping curtains will help ;)

Marie said...

What a difference a new set of knobs make...and can't figure out how to use "knobs" and not sound just wrong And the boxes are a definitely decorating do! Pulls your eyes away from the asylum walls... along with the misc. crap that ends up on the counters..really makes the flesh-like counters blend away... As for the urine smell...well, urine IS sterile when it leaves the body, so technically your house was practically STERILIZED before you moved in!!!

Its all in the way you sell it! Lol! I'd be absolutely crazy having to live with boxes...I want to be DONE with it! Can't wait to see the curtains and the rest of the decorating as it comes. Just love your style!

julie said...

I am just so happy for you that you are back in Michigan!

That is so frustrating about the carpet. You can't really begin until that is done.

When does Kid start school? Are you feeling okay with the school choice?

Yes, I LOVE those knobs, too.

Supermom said...

We miss you too!

Missives From Suburbia said...

"...and he's not even a pedophile." At least you have your sense of humor. (Yes, I include cynicism in the definition of humor. Doesn't everyone?)

I wish I had something uplifting to add, but I know the state you're in all too well, and the only thing that comes to mind is something one of my work partners used to say to me: It could be worse. You could be living in a basketball.

I hated working with that guy.

P.S. Nice knobs.

wootini said...

Love the knobs! So cheerful and bright - what a great way to quickly personalize the space. I've got to run over to World Market this afternoon - I'd be glad to check and see if they have some of your knobs if you're still coming up short.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes please!!!
I am still short and they can't promise that they'll get more in. They are the small 1" red floral knob sku#432242 and they are 1.99 each. I still need 5 of them. If they have them I'd love for you to scoop them up!!! Thanks so much.
In the two stores I've been in they are in the upper left hand corner of the knob display sometimes mixed in with the other one we got.
Thanks again for checking!!!

wootini said...

I am bummed; they only had two of the red. No blue ones either. It's a problem with DC - stores get picked over really fast. But I took what they had! The manager said all the stock was on display and they weren't expecting to get more. There is another store near my office, I can check over there one day this week.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh thank you. 2 helps. I bought lots of extra blue ones the other day that I can fill in for the missing reds... red would just be preferred.
I shoot you an email with my address etc.

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