Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quaint... and Progress

Is it possible that the church bells just tolled out "My Country Tis Of Thee" for the noon hour?

I'm pretty sure they did.

Last night there was a band in the gazebo in the center of town.

Today Mr F and the girls are headed down to the donut shop and hardware store.

Oatmeal will be a thing of the past here shortly (I hope).

"Flax Seed" (yellow side of beige) for the living room and "Exhale" (a blue that is nice... can't think how to describe it... dusty medium light blue?) for the kitchen/dining area. It's going to go well with the cherry cabinets while REALLY drawing the eye away from the counters/tile/sink color. I have the most amazing curtains for each room that tie the two color schemes together:

Sorry the lighting in here is bad... trust me they're really nice. And fun. Yet sophisticated. And they are lined... which these days is hard to come by without paying a million dollars (also Cost Plus World Market like the knobs... and they are 96" long)

And I have what I think is a great idea for the light fixtures in the kitchen/dining area... which are currently HIDEOUS. As my friend said "hello Vegas!":

These pictures don't do these babies justice. There is no scale... they are huge. And brassy. And sassy... in a bad way. We have two more of these beauties in the family room!

My idea for the dining area is to take this light from Ikea and spray paint it some sort of accent color... pumpkin orange, or muted yellow.. draw one of the colors from the curtains that will also be in the dining room. We need a light fixture that we can swag over to our dining table... the room was at some point remodeled to add a bar... but the light is in the middle of the ceiling... which is awkwardly now just off to the side of the eating area. This chandelier fits the bill while still being under $40... and with a little makeover I think it will be a perfect fit. In the kitchen I think I'm going to need to do some kind of track lighting so I can get better light in my work areas. And, honestly, there is SO much going on in there... with the cabinets, the crazy counters & tile, the white/black appliances... I think less is more at this point.

That's all I've got for today. Maybe by Monday these rooms will be painted?



The paint idea for the lighting is good though how about painting the one/s in the kitchen all white? I think that would help a whole lot in making them disappear until you can get around to replacing it/them. I presume the chandelier is in the style you're going for so you don't mind mixing styles, etc. at the present. Hang in there. You're doing a great job. I love your new drapes.

Missives From Suburbia said...

A little cry really does go a long way.

I really, really, really miss Cost Plus. :(

Torey said...

I used to work at that quaint little hardware store. It's really awesome.

And the Bakery is awesome.

I also recommend that Dairy Queen. It's the best one in the whole world. Seriously.

I would HIGHLY recommend heading to a couple of the high school football games come fall, and checking out the marching band's halftime show. They're amazing.

And wait until cider time. The cider mill is the best!

And speaking of the mill, check out the Mill. You may not need anything there, but it's quaint too.

Enjoy! Let me know who Kid's teacher is, and what school she is at. I have some friends who are teachers there!

All of this is to say: while right now this is overwhelming, and annoying, you've made an awesome choice, and there are so many things on the horizon that are going to be awesome!

gooddog said...

I think this little town sounds SO great and perfect for the Furiouses (what I know of you being just from the the blog but still). ;)

Love that the house before and afters are starting! You go.

And I am putting that quote in my phone to remember for later when I need it. "A little cry goes a long way."

P/F said...

Get you on Hubs' work. Aargh. My husband's co-workers called him at MINIMUM 6 times/day while he was on vacation last week - even when we were at Cedar Point. I don't think that they could wipe their own behinds without asking him about it first.

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