Monday, August 9, 2010

Update... maybe the last until we move... I imagine you'll survive

Mr F changed his plans and was able to arrange his time off, so that when he came down on Saturday night he was able to stay here until we close and the moving truck pulls away next Monday.

The packing and moving is with this development doable.

I've also managed to schedule *last playdates* with all of Kid's best friends and a final pizza & movie night for them all to be together one very last time before we move. I'm really glad that it worked out timing wise with all of them. And she's been happy and it all seems like a good wrap up for her, not sad. We're having our party a couple days before we move so it won't be too overly fraught with eminent moving-ness for her.

Coming back has been confirming. We did the right thing. Are doing the right thing.

Sometimes I worry about going back to a place (Brooklyn for one) and being there and being overwhelmingly sad for what I've left behind. And even though things have been hard and less than we hoped, there were certainly good things about Asheville. Maybe I'd come and see that I'd missed it all, so caught up in the constant stress of all the things that went wrong, that I didn't see them... until now... when I'd chosen to give them up.

That hasn't happened.

We weren't blinded by our circumstances.

It all seems replaceable.

And being back in Michigan these past few weeks has felt so comfortable and right. So known. And not in the claustrophobic way I had always imagined it would when I was in highschool and couldn't imagine moving back... EVER. Let alone choosing to do it... TWICE. Choosing, both times, over places people dream of living.

Go figure.

I was driving in my car with my niece. We were coming back from the cottage Up North. She said "I don't know why people don't like Michigan. Every time I go someplace else... I like it... but I come back and I think it isn't better. I mean... the trees." And I said "Michigan is underrated."

Not that I wasn't looking at a British car magazine the other day... and talking to Mr F and him saying "There are a lot more car magazines in Europe." And me saying "Oh! You definitely have to go for that!... imagine... The Furiouses Go Europe."

But even with that... with the wanderlust I will never lose... I know we're doing the absolute right thing for us. Having family and friends who have known us. Where not every single event is new, or polite, or a potluck (ha!). Where it is easy. Where you know where to go. And I need that now. We deserve to just enter this time with a good enough house, and good enough schools, and good enough job, and good enough health... and focus on enjoying the goodness that is found in a life that is easier.

And so we will. Or try at least.


Cara said...

it makes me so happy that things are finally looking up for you. You deserve it!

Rah said...

very happy for you guys. been out of town for a while and checking in with your many great things happening!! thinking of you during the move:)

Missives From Suburbia said...

Good enough really is good enough sometimes. Many times. I'm glad this is going so well.

angie said...

Good luck finishing up and welcome back!

inkelywinkely said...

Our good friends just moved back home from Ann Arbor after two years. They said the same thing about being home. I think that has to do with what type of place each specific person NEEDS to be.
Home is always in your heart. Yours happens to be in Michigan. :)

HC said...

There's nothing better than good enough... I don't think anyone is meant to live at a heightened realm of ecstasy -- it would kill ya! :)

BTW, when you get a chance, I think someone had your baby... I mean seriously... it's like teeny Mrs Furious...

Is it just me who sees it???

Gigs said...

So glad you are feeling so much better these days, and that things are working out as they should for the Furious family. Hope the actual move goes smoothly for you!

Mrs. Smitty said...

your post sounds so at peace. Congrats on the decision and good luck with the final big move.

Kiki said...

I'm missing you, the daily updates and the fun things your kid's say....but I know how busy you are and how long it can take to get back to, I'm hanging out, checking in and lurking till you get back. But I wanted you to know, I'm so glad for you guys, so excited to hear about everything and thrilled that you are at peace with this new adventure!!!

Sunshine said...

I will have you know, I am very very excited that your life is headed where you wanted it to go. But - I. Am. Not. Surviving. as your title implied that I would. I need me some Mrs F!!! :-)

Claire said...

Just want you to know that you are missed and we are all waiting patiently for the updates!!!

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