Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday I managed to empty out our linen closets, despite taking a good 4 hours off to take Kid to her playdate:

imagine one more box

Today my kind, kind, friend stopped over helped me hammer these out while the kids played:
imagine 2 dish packs, 2 large boxes, a mirror box, 3 book boxes, and 1 box of toys

In between all that I also managed to set this up for the kids sleepover they're having tonight:
image huge tent on our screened in porch

I've also been listening to Prep while I lay on my bed pack. It's fantastic.

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Gigs said...

I read Prep years ago, and I honestly can't remember the total story line, but I must have liked it because I've loaned it out a bunch of times. Did you read American Wife by the same author? I liked that too. So you could listen to that next while you're laying on your bed - I mean packing! You must feel better having started to make a dent in that process!

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