Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On The Road Again

We left this morning (early).

Brief stop in Ann Arbor to meet with the neurologist (Cyclical Vomiting... new diagnosis... most likely will develop into either regular migraines as she ages or remain with just vomiting ie abdominal migraines or combination of both... or somewhat unlikely.... grow out of it. But yes we can expect her to vomit without cause monthly. Goody. Strangely, the Dr said that every single patient that morning had presented with cyclical vomiting... so must be a fairly common neuro issue... among neuro patients that is).

Genius pit stop idea: Ikea. If you're on a five state road trip there is a good chance you'll drive by one. You know what they have? A supervised drop-off kid center. You know what else they have? Cinnamon rolls, coffee, and pretend living rooms.
Bonus for me, they also had free kids meals today. We were there for 3 hours and I spent a grand total of $4. We played, we tried out EVERY.SINGLE. piece of furniture on display, I had mental break, and we had dinner. I also was able to completely avoid the rush hour traffic I would otherwise have hit in Cincinnati and Lexington.

Tonight we're at another Hilton. As Kid said when we loaded up this morning... "Could we not stay in a motel?". I hear you kid, and I raise you to "Could we only stay in 3 star and up hotels?". Road trip tip: Travelocity Top Secret Hotel deals. We've got a Hilton with pool and breakfast for under $60. I've stayed in nasty blood stained motels for more. Plus Hilton labels there pillows "firm" and "soft" which I find hilarious... mostly because they have (in every hotel... this is our 3rd Hilton this summer) been placed in the wrong cases 100% of the time.

That's all folks.

I'm trying not to kill the kids tonight... but they aren't making that easy.


trifitmom said...

love how you were able to hang at ikea and got full usage for 4 bucks. love it. drop off kid center....i am about to drive to you today.

they accepted our offer. holy shit. we have to sell our house.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm all over that drop off center now that both my girls are old enough (tall enough) to go. Love it.

Congrats/holy shit. For real. You know I feel you. It sucks. I hope you guys can sell it fast!

Ms.Droark said...

IKEA LOVE we have nothing of the sorts like that here in Alaska. Heck they won't even pick up the phone for us! :(

However, Ikea prices can still be pottery barn priced so check out http://www.knock-offwood.com/
She designs all pottery barn and ikea things diy style for a lot less!

Love hearing about your updates, we just purchased a mini home so our are a lot smaller than yours but just as exciting!

Missives From Suburbia said...

I have been dying for my eldest to be potty trained so we could use the drop off center, and of course, now that he's been trained for AGES, I've had no reason to go to Ikea. I think I might make one up. Like cinnamon rolls.

Many thanks for the hotel tip. Passed that along to my hubby.

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