Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Decor... Or Lack There Of (aka longest post of all time)

So since we last spoke of it, truthfully, not much has happened.

The other day (Sunday) after walking down the street to the cider mill and bringing home cider and fresh donuts, we sat on our screened in porch and ate.

Mr F said "I'm really happy."

and lately I'm just enjoying that I don't have to live through a life and a circumstance that was kind of killing my spirit.

More so than I really could stop and take in or I would have stopped trying to change them.

So I guess don't give up.

Some people (few) know exactly the crazy CRAZY financial risk we took in moving here.

And maybe one day I'll outline it because it's kind of interesting.

Anyway, I made the decision that we should come.

(Mr F wouldn't have risked it... he's not so much the risk taker in the family)

Well, if you're a long time reader you may recall that we moved to Asheville two years ago and then pretty much anything and everything possible went wrong.

It was just impossibly tough and the hits just kept coming.

More than you even were forced to bear witness to.

And then, after literally crying and begging the Gods to turn back time...

This opportunity came up to come back.

But it was a bad deal.


Only a complete crazy person would have walked away from what we had for what we were going to have to live on.

But I am completely crazy.

And I knew that it was risky.

But I also knew that it was a risk worth taking.

And it stood to be the ultimate chance to rework our cards.

And the crazy thing is...

That just as quickly as everything went bad in Asheville...

Everything has gone well here.

Mr F got freelance work from his NC job which more than made up the financial deficits of the new one.

Then he snagged another high paying freelance gig.

We weren't here so he had nothing better to do but work like crazy.

We sold our house.

He got a raise so he's actually making a living wage and doesn't need to work around the clock.

And then we moved.

There was never an off month.

Things transitioned perfectly.

Right after we moved in, new bigger paycheck coming, his NC freelance gig ended.

So we're all together, in a house that's massively more affordable, in a good school district (no more tuition)... I mean no joke our monthly expenses with just those two changes are about 1500 less.

And we can now buy groceries, and go out for dinner, and buy *hot* new school clothes without having an anxiety attack.

And I can actually decorate this house.

And like my life.

Our house is messy... but... you know what? I don't really care. I'm relishing the opportunity to be lazy. I might not have gotten that spa weekend... but I don't have to put the clean clothes away if I don't want to. And that's feeling pretty good.

That I'm the master of my own destiny.

That I can spend the day walking to the library, and taking Baby out for an ice cream cone (shh don't tell Kid), and listening to Kid's plans for seducing 7 year old boys... and nothing else (well... except make breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, pay bills, go grocery shopping, and laugh at Baby singing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?! with her pacie hanging from her lips... which is really hot, you know the usual).

It feels pretty good.

I'm feeling more like me.

I even bought a fashionable hat.

"Maybe that's a little too fashionable" Kid said.

Mr F said I looked like a cancer patient.

I looked in the mirror and thought... yes, but is that a bad thing?

Maybe soon I'll start exercising...

Oh and the decor:

Bought this runner at Target ($89)

I'll try and get another one or two to finish out the hall way.

I've also decided to dabble in re-upholstery.
I'm starting with my headboard. It's seen better days. We've had it for 9 years. It is was white. Don't mind the movers saran wrap (see I don't have to do things anymore... like take that off).

For $12 bucks I got this fabric (

So if it's terrible, whatever. No big deal.

I'm painting the room a similar grey to what we had in NC... I think the headboard (which honestly is mostly swallowed by pillows) is going to be a super fun pop against the wall. And I can always change it.

I also got this small bit of fabric (mistake... should have gotten more)($3)

to either make a valance for our door window in our kitchen (it's very complimentary to the drapes we have in our living room and now in dining area of kitchen) or cover a drum shade to make a hanging pendant light over our table.. ala this...
Which is over $300.

Oh and I got this ($8) outdoor fabric on crazy clearance to upholster the tops of the basic stools we're going to use at our kitchen counter (basic stools will be painted a dark dusty blue). And to make a seat cushion for our piano bench.
I figured those cushions will take a lot of wear and this will be easiest to keep clean. either way $8!


Cara said...

I am so excited things are better for you! You deserve it!!!!! Seriously excited. Sorry for the massive exclamation marks but am just excited for you!

julie said...

This was the best post. I am so grateful that things finally went your way for a change. Those last 2 years were brutal.

Now I can't wait for you to get on down to Target and showcase your new finds. You know why I can't wait to see that and also read posts about organic food and such? Not because I need to know that information or that I was 'tired of hearing about the bad stuff.' No. I can't wait to hear about it all because it means that you and your family are in a better place...that you are back to feeling more like you.

You made it, Mrs F. You made it.

Much love to you and to all of the Furious family.
PS I hope Kid doesn't start singing "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" to her boy crushes! Actually, I lie. I kind of do.

HC said...

This post warms my heart. I'm so happy for you guys. It's been a long hard haul (was it really TWO YEARS???) but you got through it, and the cards are turning in your favor now. Be well, and enjoy this time!

SemiCharmed said...

What a good post! It's so nice to read that you're starting the feel like yourself again! I agree with Julie 100%!

Miss Theresa said...

Wow, I can't believe that you lived in NC for two years! It just doesn't seem that long (I'm sure it felt like forever to you though).

Add me to the list of people who are so thrilled that things have finally turned around for you and that you are so happy!

I can't wait to hear about all the fabulousness that is you!

Andrea said...

So happy for you and this post makes me smile. Where the hell did two years go geez.I love the fabric for the headboard Im on a yellow kick Im doing the kids room yellow pink and gray right now. Im off to to check it out.

Rah said...

So glad you are happy!! And, I love the fabric:)

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you so much!!!!!
I'm always ALWAYS jealous of your life going out on the town and eating out at such great looking restaurants. just for the record :)

I couldn't have made it without all of you guys. Seriously. I might have actually gone off the deep end. Thank you.

Did I mention she blew a kiss to her boyfriend. They are line buddies (and as she excitedly told me... Gym Buddies!) (they also sit next to each other... poor guy!). Anyway, when they got in line next to each other she blew him a kiss. And reenacted it for me, while laughing hysterically, because they were about a foot apart when she did it. Then they had an argument about what they would name their kids. For real. Although she admits she started it. I cannot wait for conferences to hear what her teacher has to say about her!

2 years. Believe it.
The real upside is that I'm really enjoying the kids more and able to be more present with them than I have in the past two years. Someday you'll have to update your blog so we can know what happened! Are you still at the new job? Are you getting married? What gives woman?!

Thank you! I am feeling so much more of my normal self. I kind of lost it there for awhile... yikes.

Miss Theresa,
Aww thanks :) Hopefully the awesomeness will take the form of... EXERCISE (I'm trying to gear myself up)!

Andrea, check it out. I can't believe how cheap some things are. Those are real home decorator fabrics. And I got free shipping. I will say I do find searching for fabrics a little bit annoying on that site, but it's worth it.

Thanks! Mr F hasn't had much to say about that yellow.... which means he doesn't like it... but whatever, I'm loving it.

Deb said...

I'm so happy for you guys. I know what it's like to be in that place where everything is going wrong and to come out the other side and finally see the sunshine. I'm a few years out of that, and I still relish the little bright spots, because I now know how precious they are and how awry things can go. Enjoy the ice cream moments.

Thanks for the tip on I may just make myself some curtains!

Marilyn said...

So glad that things are going so great! I also bought that same rug from Target -- it's so pretty. One warning though -- a lot of the loops have come loose pretty quickly. Every time I vacuum it, there are more stray strands. You might want to hold onto the receipt. Of course, I could have bought one that's a lemon.

Lori said...

I have been away at school and not had time to follow your posts. Stopped by to see that everything is going Splendidly. So happy for you guys.
It's so good to hear the old Mrs.'s F back.
Congratulations on the move and can't wait to see all your finished redecorating projects.
Keep up the hilarious kid posts. She is such an amazing little spirit!

Gigs said...

You guys did it. Your risk taking is inspiring. I'm more like Mr F in that department, so it is really impressive to me. Plus, your craftiness (so glad you have time for that stuff again) is awesome! So glad you can love your life again!!

Bob said...

Good work. My wife an I took some risks moving to a better place (only a 5 mile move, but better still) and it seemed to work out well. It seems like financial risks for the right reasons work out OK.

FYI- I may have mentioned that my wife an I used to rent an apartment in the former convent across the street from the Catholic Church on Dover Street. It used to be green. Depending on which side of town you live on, you probably walk near it on the way to the cider mill.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will try and be very gentle. Although it appears that the cats are trying to ruin it anyway... they are CRAZY for it. I think it's made of mouse.

I walk by that stretch of street all the time on our way to the library. It's a pretty church and I usually route myself past it. I'll look for the convent!

She is really coming into a great age! She's very funny and I'm really enjoying her company these days. Although, I will say writing about her is getting harder now that she can read. She's seen my blog up on my computer twice this week and gotten pretty mad at me. But of course that just makes for another post...

" I still relish the little bright spots, because I now know how precious they are and how awry things can go"
Exactly. It changes everything.
And, by the way, I'm now obsessed with Dear Audrey.

The actual craftiness remains to be seen. I have a terrible refusal to learn proper techniques disorder... so.... upholstery stands to be an interesting undertaking.

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