Monday, October 18, 2010

A List

#1 Mr F finally got my treadmill taken apart, put in the basement, and put back together. I can finally start working out... but... where is the damn safety stop cord?!!! I can't power it up without it!
Mr F and I have both spotted it lying around the house in the last two months, but neither of us can remember where... except that it wasn't where it should have been. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you've seen something but not being able to remember where!

#2 One cat looks like a disgusting leper, the other has spontaneously gained a tremendous amount of weight (neutered... and male... so not pregs) and suddenly looks like a giant fur covered light bulb with a small kitten head. It's ridiculous. My theory is that while we were away last weekend he ate ALL of the food I left out for both cats for the full two days. I now call him Fatty. I call the other one Disease. I can't wait to try and wrangle them up and cover them is nasty sulphur solution this afternoon. My favorite smell! And it stains!

#3 Baby looks so freaking adorable I can't wipe my large stupid grin off my face. She could pee on the floor and I'd be like "You're so cute!"

#4 Kid went to school today. She wanted one more week to be sure she wants to homeschool. (Although Mr F reports that all the way to school she was moaning out: "Homeschool! Homeschool!") There has been a lot of explaining that homeschooling isn't the same as calling in sick. She can't homeschool one day and go to school the next, which was kind of what she had been assuming. We also spent the end of last week reviewing different curriculums and doing placement tests. I've settled on a math curriculum that I think will fit her better than any instruction she's had yet. I'm ordering that today. For homeschoolers out there (the only ones who will probably be interested in this) I've gone back and forth about getting a full boxed curriculum set (re:sonlight, etc) or piecemealing it together.. which obviously requires a lot more work. For Kid it isn't school or school structure that is the problem... it is purely social... so she might respond well to a set structured routine. The downside is that I've heard mixed reviews about some of the components and don't think they are 100% the right fit. And isn't that the whole beauty of this? That we can pick components that are all uniquely challenging, stimulating, and appropriate for one learner? I'll try to hammer this stuff out this week.

That's it. Oh and we're getting our new carpet this weekend!


Shirls said...

Mrs F, this part of Pioneer Woman's website may just be super handy for you:

Bob said...

The smoke monster is actually Charlie.

Bob said...

Question: Have you considered Schools of Choice? You might be able to send her to A2, Chelsea, etc.

(Don't send her to Pinckney, I went there.)

julie said...

I'm here. I read and enjoyed your post. My head is so clouded right now, I can't even think of a thing to comment on. Baby looks super cute. Oh yeah, I can totally see that Kid would think of Homeschooling as kind of like when you call in sick. Murph would be the same way.

Gigs said...

I think that homeschooling could be a great fit you, Mrs. F. My next door neighbor did it for both of her kids starting in elementary school, one of whom is now high school-aged and taking classes at a community college. She started with a group of parents/kids who home schooled together. Maybe something like that would be good for Kid's socialization? The kids were all different ages, but were really a tight group for several years. And the parents took on different subject matter responsibilities. There must be an easy way to find like-minded families if you were interested in something like that... Not that I don't totally think your could do this with one hand tied behind your back :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the link!

I hope you are joking re:Charlie!
I think she's been through enough transitions in the past two years. I think we'll just try homeschooling until the end of the year and then see what we want to do next year. It may very well be that she just has a bad teacher, and the unfortunate fate of sitting directly across from the bully, and that 3rd grade (transitions to a new school) could be fine here. We'll see. One of her very best friends homeschools here and is part of a group so it might be the most comforting step to take next.

Apparently Mr F thought the same way too... Baby peed the bed last night so I had little sleep due to laundry.. I got up and asked Mr F to take Kid to school so that I could go back to bed... he then decided to have her stay home! I almost divorced him. I made him come home and take her to school when I woke up an hour later (plus.. .why did he not wake me up to say she was at home?!!... grrrr)

There are a ton of homeschool groups in Ann ARbor & area. I've already joined two online for meetups etc. Plus her very good friend homeschools here. Socialization should not be a problem... in fact I'm sure it will be much better than the school has been!
Which doesn't mean I'm not having a nervous breakdown this week!!!

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