Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Has Been A Long Time Coming

The carpet is finally here!
It took Mr F and I an amazing 3 hours to empty all four bedrooms and the living room. How many weeks do you want to guess it will take us to put it all back? 3? 4? Our bathroom, dining room, kitchen and playroom look like storage units. I feel like we just moved in again.

This is what we put in our livingroom. It is a very dark moss green with a cut & loop texture. I love it. The color choice was very difficult. We needed dark to hide dirt (sliding door to outside) and the texture to hide wear and tear (there is a major walking path from the front door to the dining room cutting through here. We took our cues based on the staining of the previous carpet. It wasn't pretty and we do not want to pay this much money any time soon!

For the bedrooms we went with a light grey... touch of taupe... short pile carpet. I wanted a neutral but am not much of a fan of beige and didn't want to go the cream route because of the kids. This tone (being more cool) is well suited to our intended bedroom palate of cool pink, grey, and Kid's light blue. This short pile is unbelievably soft. Seriously.

Both of these are SmartStrand (made by Mohawk) from Lowe's. And they were not that expensive. We had looked at a high end independent store first and we could not afford their Mohawk SmartStrand and what we could afford was terrible low quality rough stuff. This is the same carpet we couldn't afford there and the price was lower than the cheap crap. SmartStrand is more stain resistant than Stain Master but have no added chemicals to make them that way, the stain resistance is part of the strand composition (as the name implies) instead of treated carpet, so they are super soft (also less fumes). We went with the highest end pad which is a solid pad instead of the glued up bits style... less glue... less fumes and off gassing. Plus it won't break down unevenly overtime. It is also the only pad you should leave down when you re-carpet if needed. So the little bit more (under $200 extra over traditional pad for the whole house) will more than pay for itself if we need to re-do any of these rooms.

And I'd like to give Lowe's a nod for giving us 10% off our entire purchase even though we never did get that coupon in the mail. Mr F told them about it and they gave it to us anyway.

And the installers (hired by Lowe's) did a great job. This is our 3rd time getting carpet in the AA area and this is hands down the best installation (even better than Merkel).

Everything looks so clean now... what with the lack of large bodily fluid stains and all!

On the unfortunate cat front... we've decided to put him down on Monday morning. We want to be sure we don't let this go on into suffering. Right now his movement is clearly inhibited but he can still eat a little and go to the bathroom in his litter. He can still be petted, but he can't move off the floor or play... just watch his brother. With the rate this has progressed, and the emotional toll of watching your pet die, we think ending this sooner rather than later is best.


julie said...

the emotional toll of watching your pet die, yes, it is devastating. Oh God, even more so since it is Kid's kitty. I will be thinking of all of you Monday. I know I joke about wishing my old incontinent cat would die, but I know it is a huge emotional toll. I cried like crazy when my other old cat (who I also wished its death upon) died. Just crazy, awful emotional toll. And I had my cats so long that it was time. A kitten is NOT supposed to be dying. Your little girl's kitten should not be dying. It is just so, so awful.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh my God, she's been crying her eyes out all day. That's why I just think the sooner the better. She is at peace with putting him to sleep (and did say... "why can't they do that with humans?"... good question). We've built up the male cats live alone in the wild, so she's not as sad for Tiger to be left behind as she was. But it's just unfair. She feels like she keeps losing pets. I did go on craigslist to day to look for dogs. So...

Golden To Silver Val said...

Please consider getting a dog from a shelter and save a life. You can check Michigan Humane Society online.

julie said...

More than anything, I wish that little fella wasn't dying...even if it meant that my grandma cat had to stay alive, pooping & peeing anywhere, but the damn litter.

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