Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I Don't Like About Getting Older

The fact that it takes my face well over an hour to wake up in the morning.


Kiki said...

Unfortunately, I've been up since 5 a.m and my's still not awake.

Mrs Furious said...

Why have you been up since 5?!!

I've been up just over 2 hours and I can just start to feel a little flexibility come back to the skin around my eyes. In the morning, it feels like everything has been tacked down with super glue in the night. I think it takes about 3 hours for me to have a normal face. I hate it.

Alexandra said...

Getting old does, indeed, suck in many ways. My face is puffy for at least an hour in the AM. My skin is not the same anywhere on my body. Much more maintenance is necessary.

Mr Furious said...

Standing in the nasty, soapy water in the bottom of the clogged shower doesn't wake you right up?

moley said...

Oh for goodness sake Mr Furious, I've just sprayed my laptop with tea after reading your comment!

Getting old sucks - I late the loss of memory and the fact that my hands have started to look a bit wrinkled no matter how much I moisturise! Can't say I've noticed any stiffness in my face though.

moley said...

Oh Kiki! 5am that's horrible.

The best thing about home schooling is not having to get up early, especially now it's so cold and dark in the mornings.

Kiki said...

I do not know why I have been up since 5 know me, I'm a sleeper in-er on my days off.....but I feel asleep (bra and all) on the couch and Ken (very smartly) left me alone. But I woke up all 5'10" of me on my loveseat-blurgh!

The skin around my eyes is the worst, I don't take great care of my skin but I have special moisturizer just for around my eyes....which I didn't need when I was 30, but suddenly, at nearly 41, I'm a wrinkly mess!!!

Kiki said...

Moley-I wish you had a're awesome!!

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
um... no... neither did showering in the kids shower with it's half-assed water pressure and alternating burning hot or freezing cold water.

" and the fact that my hands have started to look a bit wrinkled no matter how much I moisturise!"
Welcome to my heels. It's like the first day of Fall they petrify.

The face stiffness is crazy! I feel like what botox must feel like.

moley said...

Thank you Kiki nice of you to say so but I fear you'd find a blog of mine highly unsatisfactory. I'd post reams for about a week then get bored and not write for months, then possibly post again for a week, then not post again for another few months etc. or I might possibly procrastinate and dither about all the stuff I hadn't blogged about in the previous 2 months and might never get round to posting anything current.

moley said...

Oh please Mrs F. No way do your heels trump my hands!

Anyway my heels are as bad but they don't bother me as I don't have to look at them. They only see the light of day in the shower and in bed (and sometimes not even then if it's really cold!) and I've got my glasses off then so they could look like the surface of the moon and I wouldn't notice.

I think the victorians had the right idea in wearing gloves all the time!

The botox effect sounds really weird! Sometimes the skin on my upper arms and shoulders feels too tight!

Mrs Furious said...

it is weird. I've only really noticed it the past two years (maybe because I've been substantially more tired and waking up before I'd like)... but it is getting worse and lasting longer. My mom has it though (whether she'll own up to it or not I do not know) and if you do there is no pretending you didn't just wake up.

moley said...

It does sound a pain. As you said getting old is crap!

"and if you do there is no pretending you didn't just wake up."

LOL! The fact that I've answered the door in my pyjamas and dressing gown is probably more of a give-away :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Wait til your my age and the creases from the pillow take 2 hours to finally disappear.

Pati Nanni said...

I love your blog! thanks

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