Thursday, December 9, 2010

11:15 PM

"What are you still doing up? It's after 11." Mrs F asks.

"You said I could read until I fell asleep." Kid replies.


Andrea said...

I cant wait till mine can read period,I was that child who read late into the night. Now I start to read in bed and bam Im out.

TotallyFried said...

wow..thats so totally amazing! I am so always excited for Kids who love to learn. They have then found a life long hobby.. :)

moley said...

11.15pm is early LOL!

We are lucky if Hetty is asleep by 1am. She spends hours and hours reading. In the first year of home schooling she read well over 100 books.

Julie said...


Marie said...

My parents resorted to threatening to take away my books if I was bad or stayed up late hiding out and reading...Nothing else worked. Didn't mind the tv/radio/etc.. but was DEVASTATED to lose my books or library card!!

To this day I still love to curl up with a good book and will stay up waaayyy later than I should.. :)

gooddog said...

OK, amazing...
i don't think it's coincidence that you took her out of her results-oriented, stressful "learning environment" and a week later she falls in love with reading.
YAY for affirmed decisions!!
And for kid. :)

TotallyFried said...

I am so always excited for Kids who love to "learn" but meant I am so always excited for Kids who love to READ.

Apparently, I should also be excited for anyone who know how to type.. :)

Mrs Furious said...

I knew what you meant :)

Oh that's great. Mr F and I are serious night owls... the other night Kid was sick and was up until 3 since she couldn't stop coughing. She and I were watching holiday movies & eating muffins and it was the greatest night of my life! I can't wait until I can have some fun late night company.

i don't think it's coincidence"
I'm with you!

She did tell me that next time I should tell her how many chapters she should read instead.

Well it took her a long time to really read... she was always looking at books though... now she can do it and read things that are interesting to her... it's great. She's very proud of herself and it's an amazing thing to watch.

Nutmeg said...

Awww.. she is a Kid after my own heart. I can't wait until E can read. I imagine him reading books to his little brother/sister (I'm due in early may, fyi) when they get older. When I was a kid I had the same sleep maintenance insomnia I have now, so I would wake up in the middle of the night and go in my mom's room and wake her up. She would tell me to go in my room, shut my door and play/read quietly. So I was totally the weird kid up at 3 am reading books.

Still am.

Mrs Furious said...

Congratulations! I think that will make your kids about the same age difference as mine (4 years). If so, kudos to you... it's great. Great. Even with one crazy and one psycho (said with love of course).

Nutmeg said...

Thanks! They'll be about 4.5 years apart and besides being the only option as far as my career and physical abilities go, I think it will be perfect. E is so kind, helpful and thoughtful. He (like baby) still doesn't sleep through the night, and spends half the night with us, so there are some hurdles ahead! But I think he's going to be an amazing helper and friend to his little sibling.

Mrs Furious said...

My girls are 4.25 and really, the older child is more independent and naturally ready to turn away from you right at the right time. We had no sibling rivalry issues (still really don't).
RE: sleeping.....The 6 months before Baby was born we started having a *toy fairy* start coming on the nights that Kid stayed in her bed all night. The fairy might leave a small toy... or might set up the toys into a fun new scene in the morning. I don't think it took us 2 months before she was sleeping through the night. The first couple of weeks when she woke up we lay back down w/her in her bed until she was asleep... I recommend getting your husband to do this is possible.... for the wakings. But with the promise of something delightful if they stayed in bed all night... it worked fast. By the time Baby was born a miracle had occurred and Kid was sleeping all night in her own bed (and forever more).

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