Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Detox

From 2 days of rum punch

Four straight weeks of (at least) a dozen cookies a day

I told Mr F today I was getting back to badass... and I hoped it would happen naturally and overnight.

Sadly, that is not the case.

So I opted to stay in bed and avoid the counter full of leftover treats (in hopes that they might disappear down someone else's gullet).

I've emerged from my bed only to discover that The Furious Fam has finally entered the 21st century...

In a somewhat surprising turn of events it appears that Kid is a fairly brutal opponent.

(she had to remover her pants... they were holding her back)
It looks like Kid's homeschool recess just got a lot more enjoyable.

Maybe they'll let me set up my Wii Fit sometime soon...

Although from the looks of things, I doubt it.

(I suppose I should clarify that she does have underwear on... pink)


Kiki said...

Love this!!! So glad that you guys had such fun with the Wii.....I really want one, or the Kinect....but I know I'll never play it.

I ate my weight in food yesterday at my MIL' I'm bloated and gross, can't wait to get back on the tread and get back into my good habits....I'm with you-let's bring back badass!!!

Mrs Furious said...

OMG I can barely move today. Something about beating Mr F at 9 rounds of swordplay. He underestimated my built up rage ;)
I'm surprised at how active these games really can be if you get into. My butt hurts?

Rah said...

So fun...Kiki, I wanted one too but know I won't play it by myself. We played yesterday at my parents with my sisters. We did the hula hoop game for about two hours. Mrs. F, do you guys have the wii fit? It totally works your abs/core...and um, let's just say I really need some work on that area!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes we do! We got that with the main Wii for xmas from my mother. She knew with Kid homeschooling we would need something to help replace gym & recess for her now that it's winter. Mr F is supposed to hook up the Fit today. I'm excited!

Gigs said...

We got Wii fit too! My husband and boys are downstairs right now setting up/using it and I hear peals of laughter... that means good exercise, right? I'll be checking it out shortly...

inkelywinkely said...

Luckily for me there were no Christmas dinners for us. LOL.
Last night, a small salad for dinner with protein. Tonight, a rice paper wrapper around baby spinach, broccoli sprouts, and shrimp, some slices of bartlet pear, and an ounce of cheese with lemon water.
I guess I am KIND OF grateful for the hospital visits of digestion issues with my hubby, now I have the excuse I needed to eat healthier- at least for the time being.

Deb said...

Awesome!! Boxing is a favorite in this neck of the woods. Killer workout, too. Although I've run out of good opponents.

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