Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slow But Steady

It's been about 6 months since we moved in here. We've been slowly tackling each decorating challenge.
Here are some peeks... sadly... nothing is 100% complete... and we have yet to hang ANYTHING on the walls.

Master Bedroom BEFORE:

(Please forgive the state of the room... we had literally just moved in!)

Master Bedroom IN PROGRESS:

Remember when I said I was going to recover my headboard?... Well I did... $12 total.

New sitting area curtesy of Ikea. Those are also Ikea curtains.

Remember this vintage chandelier we scored at the antique market.

Things that still need to happen... hang mirror & pictures, get another bedside table, get another chair, place dresser (this is all along the long wall of the room in line with the door). I kind of also want (and when I say kind of... I mean REALLY) an electric fireplace on that wall as well. It is a really big room (by our standards) and right now it's awkwardly filled. So I'm going for a half cozy sitting room vibe.... eventually.

Hallway color and lights BEFORE:
(Let's be clear... those are not our nicknacks... this is pre-move in)
I'll let you in on a little secret... I don't love that hallway chandelier... it was cheap... but it's not 100% my aesthetic. I'm thinking on it. The more craftsman we take this space (see below) the more likely (and when I say likely... I mean... It is going to happen!) that this will be replaced and hung in the guest bedroom instead. I still love the school house lights, though!

Right now we're tackling the not so small task of replacing our interior doors. This was a pretty big investment, but one we think will take the interior of our 60s ranch from blah to TA-DA! How long do you think it will take Mr F?... 1 year?... 2?

From this:

To this:

One down...
Six to go.
And little things...

Like this:

To this:

And this:

To this:

And, yes, eventually we'll switch the actual switch out for a brown one... that's how hardcore we are, peeps.


Rah said...

Wow! Your bedroom is HUGE:) I think the fireplace would look awesome. I also love the colors of your walls that I've seen so far. We're trying to decide on some color- everything is so neutral right now.

Andrea said...

I lalala love your headboard. I think the door is amazing and really the hardware changes make a BIG difference.

Liz said...

Love the blue on the walls, looks great with the headboard and the light fixture! Lots of work but immediately gratifying, right?

Mrs Furious said...

" Lots of work but immediately gratifying, right?
especially since Mr F did most of it! ;)

A little color makes all the difference. Thankfully Mr F likes to paint.

Thank you! I have had that white headboard for 9 years... so happy to have been able to change it up for so cheap. And now I know I can do it again when I get bored with it.

Gigs said...

I also love the color of your bedroom. So pretty.

So, Mr. F. loves to paint...Hmmm...let me know when you're ever in CT again... I can prioritize a list for him at our house!

Shirls said...

you are really good at this stuff, seriously that headboard is beautiful. You make me feel like I should do something in my home... damn it ;)

P/F said...

there was a sign outside a consignment shop in Brighton (where Green's used to be, it's Consignment for Men or something) that they have a built-in electric fireplace. Might suck, might be worth a phone call to see if they still have it and what they're asking.

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