Friday, February 18, 2011

Updates... Of All Kinds

#1 I'm reading Blindness by Jose Saramago. Holy intensity, Batman! I've been up until 3 AM reading it most nights this week. It's hard to describe without revealing too much... but... it's intense and somewhat stressful. He does an excellent job of transferring the chaos and stress and horror... and... well... blindness to the reader.

#2 We've been having this crazy false Spring all week. Our couple of feet of snow is now nothing but muddy dirty grass and huge ice rimmed puddles. It feels so real. It is hard to take in the fact that this is merely a blip and winter will return. That is one thing I miss about Asheville... right about now winter really is winding down there.

#3 I got an Imitrex prescription from the Dr for my migraines. We'll see how that goes. I guess the key with the abortive is taking it in time. If this doesn't work I guess the next step is taking blood pressure medicine as a prophylactic. My Dr claims that is the medication of choice for migraines in women my age. I still would like to get an MRI to be sure, though.

#4 Guess whose Middle East song has come in real handy this past week?... aww yeah... we're feeling pretty high on our horse these days since we already knew exactly where Bahrain and Yemen were. Every time we are in the car and the news is on Baby can be sure to start belting out the song once she hears mention of either place.

#5 In case you were wondering... this is the best season on The Bachelor ever. Good God, it is so good.

#6 Speaking of God, remember when I told you I had a really funny Church story? Well, I have a feeling it's going to be even better by the time I get around to telling it. Yesterday a parishioner showed up at my door with a mug filled with guilt. A real mug. Figurative guilt. So stay tuned for that. It really is one of the funniest places I've ever been and if it weren't for the 9:30AM starting time we'd definitely go if only because we laugh so hard all afternoon after we come home. I may not technically believe in God (in a traditional sense) but I do believe in laughing my ass off and Mr F believes in Coffee Hour. So, I figure we are like 85% of the people there. This church deserves a reality TV show.

#7 Last but not least... I am sucked back into If you haven't taken advantage of the free 14 day trial (remember to cancel it in time!) I recommend it. I did that a year or so ago. This time I just bought a one month subscription ($20... which seems like a ripoff doesn't it?). Anyway, it's fun. Even if you have a detailed family tree it is exciting to see all of the census documents. I found out my grandmother's (98) great grandfather owned a hardware store in 1860... and let me say... according to the census documents that was a pretty profitable line of work.


Nutmeg said...

Good luck with the immitrex. It was never an option for me, as I had daily migraines. I was on prophylactic beta-blockers for years and never found them to help much, but the side effects were minimal, so it wasn't a big deal.

If you aren't getting a solution to the problem in another couple of months, please see a headache specialist. I spent 15 years with nearly daily chronic migraines. You know your migraines have taken over your life when you get a cat scan and you start crying because you don't have a brain tumor because at least THAT would explain the migraines. I never saw a specialist and when I was about 24 they just sort of faded away. Now I get them on a monthly basis or so, but that's completely manageable after a lifetime.

G in Berlin said...

Imitrex worked for me- I hope it does for you.

Deb said...

You sucked me into! It was the coolest 14 days. My husband wanted his wife back, though. It's addicting.

I can't wait to hear this church story.

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