Tuesday, February 22, 2011

update 2/22/11


Gigs said...

I have to say, hearing you say you had a spinal tap makes me super queasy, but generally when someone just says "spinal tap", I think of the classic 1984 film... and I'm probably aging myself by saying that!

Julie said...

I actually got to sit and watch your video and realized how much I missed your videos!

Kid is such a hoot with her boy crazy stuff.

Uh, yeah, I want to get myself back in gear here with everything. I just ate 6 Whole Foods "oreos" while watching the video.

Oh Gigs, best movie ever. It is a total classic.

HC said...

Spinal Tap. Oh my.

"These go to 11... when we need that extra push over the cliff... it's one higher than 10 you see..."

OK, back to the bidness at hand.

First, you are just so cute as a button and you need to make more videos.

Second, on the migraine front, that anxiety feeling, while certainly mainly about the sudden unexplained pain, could also be a side effect of the imitrex. The last migraine med my doc put me on made me feel numb (rather normal for a lot of these medicines for me so I didn't freak) but also led to a crying jag after the migraine had passed. As I understand it, these things mess with your serotonin levels and can affect your emotions quite strongly. Just my experience with them.

Third, rock on for getting a whole new wardrobe for Kid for under a hundred bucks -- that's awesome!

I do hope you'll let us follow her spying escapades. :)

Liz said...

I loved your comment about Kid, "she's just into romance" made me laugh. I love it.

I agree with you about the Bachelor this season, it is good. Who are you rooting for?

On a serious note, so glad you're okay. Hope the migraines go away.

gooddog said...

I hadn't even thought about how less sexual this season of the B is. You're right. Does that mean he's gay? lol

I wish we could all get new wardrobes for under 100 bucks and feel awesome in them like kid. That's great.

yay for video updates!!

Julie said...

Mrs F & Gigs, I have a new post on my blog that will be of interest to you.

Julie said...

Since I don't have my blog address on my blogger info:

Torey said...

Glad you're ok, and I'm not going to Lie, I LOVE your videos. They're like a little "me" time.

I think you're going to ROCK as a girl scout leader. Our GS leaders when I was little were hilarious. There was a not-so-cool but very MOM type so she was sweet and huggable and stuff, and then there was a "cool" leader, who still huggable, but more gossipy and "friend" than MOM. That's you! Bonus that you're super crafty!

Nutmeg said...

You've convinced me to start watching the bachelor. This baby girl has had me on bedrest for weeks and weeks now with pre-term labor. I'm 29 weeks on thursday so if all goes well I have a lot of time to watch TV.

Sorry about the whole ER experience, if it makes you feel ANY better it could have been slightly worse. When E was about 9 months old I ended up in the ER after a week of headaches. The problem eventually was diagnosed as viral meningitis. I remember arriving at the hospital, calling Mark and asking him how to get in, and then telling him he needed to come out and get me because I was so confused! My spinal tap was smooth (but I took it with no meds because I was nursing and they mistakenly told me I couldn't nurse if I got their meds). The worst part was I had a spinal fluid leak that lasted for weeks and eventually required a second procedure to stop up the plug. the headache from the fluid leak was the most painful thing I've ever experienced... turns out it really hurts if your brain is trying to be sucked into your spinal column... fortunately it was mostly okay if I was lying flat on my back! The blood patch done to seal the leak was amazing. It felt like someone had filled the balloon of fluid around my brain back up. And except for residual back pain the headache immediately stopped. AMAZING.

And then of course 6 months later the damage done by the meningitis triggered Fibromyalgia!!

I REALLY hope you are seeing a headache specialist to handle the migraines. Anything more complex than completely standard stuff can't be adequately managed by a primary care doc, in my extensive experience as a migraneur. Perhaps the beta blockers will help for your migraine problems! They really didn't have an side effects for me, they just weren't effective.

sara said...
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sara said...

Um, that was Mrs. Furious at her best. So enjoyable to watch after a looooong day at work.



Nutmeg said...

Oh also, I agree with Torey about the girl scout troop leader! You'll probably be like my aunt was, and EVERYONE loved her. I just hope it doesn't overwhelm you too much! I could NEVER do it, but you are more awesome than me!

Stacy said...

Botox. My mother went from probably 6 relpax a month to just 1or 2 last year. Botox injections are like nothing compared to a spinal tap. Really.

I, too, loved the video. . . but hate what you are going through with your migraines.

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