Monday, May 23, 2011

One More Thing Done

We really needed a reading light by the couch. We had had an impromptu set up of crap, but people, why is it that decent lighting is so darn expensive? I couldn't find anything I liked at IKEA or Target... and... well... that's where I shop.
Then I saw a table/lamp combo at Lowe's and I was like... "is it hideous or not?" I decided not. It would solve the problem of needing a light and needing a table, without having a table lamp constantly being knocked over by overzealous light turner-oners (Baby). It had a wrought iron metal finish that kind-of doesn't clash with the ceiling fixtures... and a glass table top so we're not adding yet another wood tone into this room (a good thing).

So... let's refresh that this whole get up, table w/light was only $39. And when I put it together it kind of seemed like it. The shade was horrible. Horrible. Which for a white shade was somewhat astonishing... how bad could it be... bad... I wish I'd taken a before shot.

So last night I laid down a piece of fabric I had bought a while back (which just happened to be the exact right length). I rolled the shade along it to be sure it'd fit. I then carefully cut around the shade while rolling it from end to end. Then I glued it on. Sure, it would have been best if I had a) ironed the fabric first b) done this on a table and not on the carpet and c) used some spray adhesive so the fabric would have stuck smoothly on the shade. (Sadly all of those things I had available to me... just not the patience to use them in the moment). Either way.

So, long story short, much better...

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Gigs said...

I just love the cute picture of Baby reading by the new lamp...cute!

We just got a set of 3 "wrought iron metal finish" lamps at Bed Bath & Beyond for $69. Two end table lamps and a floor lamp, with lampshades! And they're not hideous either! From a distance, my living room is very classy...

sure, it would have been best if I had a) ironed the fabric first: hilarious

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