Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funniest Part Of The Day... Hands Down

So, yesterday was my birthday.

Lots of good stuff happened.

Mr F snuck home while we were out and put up streamers and left me a big bouquet of peonies (my favorite flower... even better than grocery store roses) and a box of chocolates.

Kid made me the cutest hand made card written all in French, since she knows I want to live in Paris.



She gave a dramatic reading of Mr F's card.

When she got to "my friend, my lover" she paused after friend thoroughly shocked, then quickly composed herself and really gave "my lover" all the emphasis she could possibly bestow it.

I was on the ground.

Mr F was blushing and about to die from embarrassment.

Then she said "Did he even read this before he bought it?!"

Oh, God... hysterical.

After her reading she repeated that line about one million times.

"my friend, (dramatic pause, meaningful gaze) my lover"

I have a feeling we're going to be having some good times today.


Deb said...

That sounds flawless. Happy belated birthday, Mrs. F. I'll think of you today when I'm cutting the peonies that are exploding all over my yard.

Gigs said...

That. is. awesome.

Lori said...

Sounds like you had a Wonderful birthday. Happy belated Birthday. May you get all that you wish for.
I just love your girls. They always make me smile. They must have gotten their sense of humor form their mom.
Thanks for keeping up the blog. It's been a while since I posted, but I check it everyday.;-)
You Rock!

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. F. I love your blog and didn't realize how important it is for you to get sorry. We must keep you motivated to blog because the rest of us find your train of thought refreshing/hilarious. Thanks again,

Mrs Furious said...

I love, love, love peonies. We have inherited a big cluster of them by our driveway... I was so excited...but it turns out they are freaky mini ones! I've never seen those before and have to say I was a bit let down when they bloomed.

She cracks me up. I had to fill out her intake paperwork for the psych eval and had to list her best qualities... and I had to say her sense of humor! I'm so glad she plans to live with me forever because I'll really miss her if she leaves me!

Thank you!
Yes, I have to say they did. While Mr F, usually, is on the same page humor wise... there are days when he comes home and shakes his head like "you guys are on crack!".

Oh, thanks! :)

Julie said...

AWESOME!!!! You might have to videotape her doing a dramatic reading of that card for us. Please.

Gigs said...

"Did he even read this before he bought it?!"

Hilarious. She is priceless.

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