Monday, June 6, 2011

Video Update 6/6/11


gooddog said...

I still love Furious video updates. :)

happy almost birthday, right?!

Yay for kid on the bike thing! That's awesome. And I say that as a woman whose HUSBAND taught her to ride a bike at the age of 24. FO REAL. So, obviously, Im big on the bike thing with my kids.

Glad summer is there and my vote is definitely yes on the electric car. I drive 300 miles a week (a week) around town and I'd give anything for some little something like that.

Anyway, good to hear you guys are well!

Brina said...

So good to see you again :)

Glad that everything is working out for you, you seem to be so much more radiant if that's the right word and I have to tell ya, I love your hair! I mean, I can totally understand where you are coming from saying that you just hope it magically transforms, but man, I could show you pictures of when I was growing my hair out and was sporting something akin to an exploded squirrel (really that's what I named it) on my head for the better part of half a year ;) Yours doesn't even look one fourth as bad, yours looks outright cute!! ..and I think you could totally pull something off with a cute fifties style hair band or so.

Okay, that was one long a$$ paragraph all about hair and you didn't even ask for it, sorry about that - I think I must have been channeling my inner hair dresser there for a minute or two!

Anyways, really glad things are working out for and btw. gas is still way more expensive over here (hence why I don't have a car). Do they do LPG motors over there? Maybe that's something to look into as well - a friend of mine just converted his car, he isn't driving too much either, but it'll be amortized (sp?) within something like 3 years. Crazy, no?

Kiki said...

I completely hear what you are saying with the blogging and FB-ing....but I'm always checking in and keeping up to date on all your goings on!!!

I think you look great-hair and your face-you are lovely. And there is a look of peace about you.....moving definitely looks good on you!!!!

Can't wait to hear all about Kid and Baby on the play structure....I'm sure it'll be a hit!!!!

Jaime said...

It is so nice to how much happier and less stressed out you are. Dare I say even moreso than before you moved to, I mean Asheville. :)

Marilyn said...

Please don't give up blogging! I've been following you for years now and would miss updates from the Furious family. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

if you could have your husband teach you how to ride a bike and not get divorced... I think that says something about your marriage!

you know, a 50s headband could totally work!

as soon as I said that about our gas I was thinking... except Europe! We're still doing better than that, unfortunately there is virtually no mass transit here.
I don't know about LPG motors... we definitely don't have as many options for fuel efficiency as you all do... yet.

Oh I miss you! The kids and I talk about our visit to MB all the time.
thank you, I think I'm finally out of strange man hair phase!

Yes, I think it's true. I am much happier... in a different way. I really needed that Asheville experience, though, to get myself to this place.

Don't worry! I'm not stopping. :)

Jen said...

Hi Mrs. F! In the interests of more blog back-and-forth, maybe you'll induldge me with a Disney question? I think I remember from many moons ago that the Furious family loved Disney World. We are headed there for a week with our 15-month-old and his big cousins. Any tips from you or the other readers for doing the trip with such a little guy? He is walking and is definitely a toddler and not a baby, but he is still pretty little. I'm sure he'll have a great time, but I know that much of it is geared toward older kids. Thanks in advance!

Marie said...

Good luck with the playset..we bought/built one of the wooden ones with 2 slides, a fort-like area and swings. The girls LOVE it and still use it every time they are outside. The "fort" part has recently lent it to playing "Survivorman" (my mom used to watch that show with them). They gather branches and bring them into the fort and make "shelter" and find pinecones and onion grass for "food"..our swingset looks, um, unique with branches sticking out of it but it has literally been WEEKS of entertainment with that game alone!!

And I am 200% with you on the never disturb happily playing children!! We have actually stayed later at places JUST BECAUSE the kids were playing so can you stop it?? Soon enough the bickering will begin but until then you HAVE to just ENJOY!!! :)

Jen said...

(I'll add that I hope it doesn't seem like I am trying to HIJACK the blog back-and-forth! Just wondering if you had some advice because if I remember correctly you had a number of great trips to Disney when Kid and Baby were younger.)

Kiki said...

Mrs. F., I was thinking to myself that when I commented...."I really wish the Furious family could visit all the time." It was great having you guys here and your kids are just precious.....

I'm about to hurtle myself, full force, back into working out and JUST EATING RIGHT....I do not know why I can't get in the swing of it, but my body is not happy with me and the state that it is in bueno!!


Gigs said...

Loved the video update. And glad that you all are doing well! My cousin recently made some big life changes, and put a post on FB that said "Oh the places you'll go when you start living and letting go of fear! I love my life!" Wish I could do it... but think I'll have to live vicariously through those of you that do. Jealous...

I know you'll love the playscape. We live a block from our elementary school (with extensive playground) and still got a backyard set for our boys when they were little. Our neighbors thought we were nuts, but it was awesome to let them just go out and play in the yard. And the neighbor kids were over all the time! Have you set up a time table for Mr. F to get it together? :)

Never interrupt happily-playing children. Word.

Good to see you again!

Mrs Furious said...

WDW can be fun even with the little kids. They have been adding more and more little kid play areas in the parks every time we've been there. I highly recommend getting one of the WDW w/kids guide books (I liked Unofficial Guide to WDW best of all of them). For me (and Mr F and everyone else I've suggested this too) having a plan is key to enjoying WDW. Do not think you'll just go and go with the flow... there are things you need to know in order to get the most out of it and things you'll want to avoid. In my experience plan on trying to do 3 rides, have a meal, play in one of the soft little kid play areas and then enjoy time at your hotel pool. The people whose kids are freaking out are trying to cram too much in... and then it sucks. If he's into the characters (could go either way) try the character breakfast or lunch at Crystal Palace w/ the Pooh characters. That has been a fantastic experience for our kids even at that young age. Much better than waiting in line for Character pictures, and the food is pretty good. That's a great break from a hot day in the park, too. For the grown up rides you can get a fast pass for that ride when you get to the park (must do this) and then do kid rides (It's A Small World never fails to entertain) until your ticket time... you can each ride and trade the baby off. Also, it's much easier to get good viewing seats for the night parade (illuminations?)... and you won't be sweltering while you sit there... definitely worth coming back to the park for if your son is still up. Again, I can't recommend getting a guide book enough.

northerngurl said...

I still like your vlogs!

Mrs Furious said...

That's hilarious. I really hope the girls don't let their hysterical summertime bug phobias (why?!!!!) keep them from playing on it. It comes tomorrow.

I'm with ya. I just need to get back with the program... I feel like shit... why is that not enough motivator?

lol... who knows how long it will take him. I'm scared. The girls and I are going to PA for the next 9 days... you'd think that might be long enough... but I'm thinking not.

thanks :)

Jen said...

Thanks so much Mrs. F! I ordered the Unofficial Guide (kid version) and we have been obsessively reading it ever since. We leave in three days and are now just like the Disney commercial where the parents are the ones who are too excited to sleep.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Good! Have a great time.

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