Friday, October 14, 2011

12:38 AM

"Why are you so hyper?" Mr F asks.

"Because I need to cut my hair... right now." I say.

"Don't you want to help me cut it?" I ask.

"No." He replies.

"Why not?!" I cry.

"Because... I don't want to be responsible for it looking bad." He explains.

"But I don't care. It can't look worse. I look like I have a Russian fur hat strapped to the back of my neck. Don't you think you can cut a straight line?" I urge.

"It's curly so you can't really mess it up... you won't be able to tell." I beg

"I guess." He grumbles.

"Okay, just come with me and I'll show you... it's going to be easy." I tell him.

15 minutes later.... buh bye mullet


Annie said...

What!!!???!!! No before picture?

Gigs said...


Mrs Furious said...

I know!! I said that as soon he cut it. I'm sure I can scrounge something up.

Just imagine the same front with what looks like a gaint fluffy squirrel tale resting around the back of my head just above shoulder level... it was really BAD.

thanks... this was taken before it was fully dry... it looks 100% better & will hopefully grow out better from here.

Kiki said...

Cute, cute, cute. Looks like Mr. F does have a hidden talent for sure!!!

Maybe he should have come here and cut my bangs because for whatever reason I CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed near scissors where it relates to hair....we are talking TRAGEDY here in the front of my head, framing my face!!!! I butchered the heck out of my bangs and manage to do it after midnight everytime....not sure why the urge hits around that time!!!

Mrs Furious said...

so funny I ALWAYS have the urge to cut it late at night too... and I can't stop myself... I have to have it done right then.

Bangs are the toughest... maybe it's time to work that fur hat into your daily look? ;) Or those fake Jessica Simpson bangs?... I've always been curious about those!

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