Monday, October 10, 2011

update 10-10-11

Bonus round:


lucinda said...

Oh that guest star! She's a wonder. (I also think it's a disturbing song but she lightens it up considerably)

Mrs Furious said...

She does put an uplifting spin on it. I hadn't seen her special ending before.

Julie said...

First, your hair is growing out beautifully. You look great. You look happy.

Baby is so freaking adorable.

So glad you all found your way. You guys really persevered. You deserve this sweet spot.

Remember in the midst of that little slice of hell that you broke your butt, too. Crazy.

Andrea said...

Baby is freakin adorable, and you sound happy. It's always nice to hear someone say I've come out of something that just didn't seem possible at the time but we did it. Loved the update hope to see you again soon.

Kiki said...

Julie-Ack! The broken butt...I was just thinking of it the other day when I went roller skating!!!

Mrs. F., you guys really do deserve every good and wonderful thing you have going on right persevered through a very tough time-always glad to see you enjoying this sweet time in your life!!!

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