Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She Does Seem Pleased

Sometime early (early) this morning I finished...

Now I just need some face paint and a length of tulle to adorn the head piece... and I call it done.

Amazingly, everything fits... which... is impressive, if I do say so myself, since I wasn't using patterns or her measurements.

Of course, I finished just in time to sleep for 1/2 hour before Kid woke up not feeling well... and then woke up again every half hour to tell me about it... ALL NIGHT (er... morning) long.

I stumbled into Mr F in the hall around 8 and said...

"I was up all night with her."

And he said (get this!)...

"I know, me too."

Hmm... really?... because I was in her freaking room all night.

Turns out he got up ONE TIME when I had tried to go back to my bed at 7:30 AM. Yeah, not exactly ALL NIGHT.

Oh, God, he really makes me laugh.


Gigs said...

Sorry Kid wasn't feeling well, but Mr F's comment? Hahaha! Sounds very familiar.

The costume is awesome.

lucinda said...

The costume is amazing but her grin is priceless

Kiki said...

The costume is perfection....I think you did an amazing job since I can barely sew a button on!!! She does LOVE it-that smile is proof!!!

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