Monday, October 24, 2011


This weekend...

I signed the kids up for My Job Chart. And, people, miracles have been preformed since then. It's free, it's engaging, and it just might be genius. Take a moment to investigate it, while it has a heavy financial literacy bend (not terrible in it's own right)... you can (if, say, you don't actually want to give your kids a ton of $ as chore compensation) load your child's "store" up with free family activities (movie night, computer/TV time, making cookies, etc). It also has a sliding bar that allows the child to delineate how many of their points they want to put in savings, "share" (give to charity), or spend. The girls are most excited to try and earn a date with Mr F, even though an American Girl doll is up for grabs (which I listed at 12000 points, which will take roughly a year to earn). Kid said when she saw the rewards "Oh, I really would like to earn that date with Dad." very seriously. It was a heart tugging moment, and reminder that even amidst the glitz and glam, your time and attention are all they ever really want. Of course, no one was fighting over a date with me... moving on....

Mr F and I had a rare (VERY RARE) night without kids this weekend. After I spent several hours playing in Kid's virtual American Girl world earning her tons of points and filling her virtual closet with surprise outfits (dedicated parent.... or one the reasons I'm still in therapy after... oh... twenty years, is up to you)... Mr F finally came home from work and we went out to dinner and a movie. We saw The Way (thank you KB for the recommendation!) and highly recommend heading to the theater while it's showing. The gorgeous scenery makes this a theater movie rather than a Netflix one. Very moving and thought provoking. As was the theater attendant who gave us "student" priced tickets... weird... but... thanks. We couldn't tell if he made a mistake and then felt embarrassed to ask us to pay full price, if he was just being nice, or if we looked really spunky that night. Seeing as Mr F is old enough to have college aged children... hell, out-of-college aged children... and I was wearing day 2 yoga pants, I'm thinking it was scenario #1.

P.S. That movie really was very, very good. I hope my mom wants to be cremated.

Baby has decided to be Maid Marian the Disney fox version... which means I need to make both a fox costume and a Maid Marian costume... fun times. Especially when she has chosen florescent orange velour as her fox fabric. I'm committed to following her creative direction... but... the taste level is questionable. And the time and effort going into the world's tackiest fox/woman is kind of hard to rally for.

I had the worst day in the world today (thanks for asking) taking both kids with me to my doctor and then to Kid's yearly eye appointment. The bad news is I am falling apart, the good news is her eyes are doing fantastically. This is the 2nd year in a row where her prescription has changed so little getting new lenses is optional, and no further complications from her drifting, or her cataract have come up. So, despite the 3 freaking hours we spent at the eye doctor (mostly waiting)... causing us to just miss Baby's cute Halloween dance class... and my brain feeling like it was about to splatter all over the room, due to yet another migraine ... the outcome was worth it. So happy that we don't have to have any major health stress (for the kids anyway) these days. It is a real blessing when you don't have to worry about your child's actual life every time you drop them off somewhere! Been there, done that, and it takes a real toll.

I will leave you with this hilarious evening conversation:

"I'm sorry I was grumpy today, I feel like I have someone drilling into my head and someone holding a burning torch to my stomach." I explained.

"You don't know what either of those things would feel like." Kid retorts.

"I feel like I do, I'm in almost unbearable pain." I say.

"Looks like it's bearable to me." Kid returns, sarcastically.

As they say, homeschooling allows you to be your child's main role model.

In some ways that's good... In some ways that's bad.


katieo said...

oh man. that migraine sounds AWFUL.

Love that the Kid was so excited to earn a date with Dad - so so adorable. My boys would go out with Aaron ANY DAY over me. not sure if that should offend me or make me glad...

coincidentally, I had the worst day ever TOO. Might have had something to do with getting pulled over this morning - for the second time this week.

Hope tomorrow is better for you (and me. ;)

Julie said...

Great update! I am always here even when I don't comment.

Hey, what's up with you?? Falling apart??

lucinda said...

A HUGE no to cremation, but thanks for wondering

Mrs Furious said...

Usually I don't get the migraines that early in the day, so I don't have to still function... it was rough.

Getting pulled over is one of my worst nightmares... I start shaking if a cop is even just driving behind me. Yikes.

something with my left ovary. I'm having searing (horrific really) pain ... a lot of the time. My Dr thinks that it is probably bound up in my c-section scar tissue and getting pulled (w or w/o cysts). So I'm going to try this medicine and see if it helps the pain & then track how many days a month this is happening. If it increases than I'll get an ultrasound. She thinks the scar tissue is going to be such a problem that there won't be good visibility with the ultrasound... so she wanted to see if it just gets better on it's own (most cysts come and go) before we set up for a scenario that gets more invasive. But right now migraine + searing abdominal pain = a lot for one body at one time.

your loss!

Andrea said...

"Of course, no one was fighting over a date with me" I recently told Chris that I'm the kids need and he is their want. I try not to get too jealous it does make for some nice quiet moments by myself. Sarcasm is the best in kids of course I wonder if I'll feel the same when mine are teens. Hopefully the medicine works this sounds awful and who wants or has time to deal with all that. Hope today is a better day Mrs.F.

steves said...

That job chart site is really cool. We have been looking for a way to get our oldest to help out more and keep her room clean.

Migraines are awful. I get about 3 or 4 a year and am thankful they aren't more frequent. I had a client a few months back that got them so often that she wasn't able to hold a full time job.

Gigs said...

I'm also impressed with My Job Chart. I wonder if that would work for us too. We've tried so many of those chart/incentive ideas, but nothing has stuck. Might give this a try.

Great update! Love that you guys got your date, and that your girls want their date with Mr. F. too. Also, I'm pretty sure you guys could totally pass for students :) C'mon, Mr. F. isn't that old...(I say, knowing he's younger than me!)

Also SO glad Kid is healthy and on track. Hope you can get things sorted out too. Good luck with the costume. I hope you post photos!

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