Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Let The Princess Dress Fool You

Every day Baby begs me to paint her face, to her exact specifications, as a zombie.

She also keeps telling me I really need to listen to "Zombie Rob ... He creeps me out!"


lucinda said...

Somehow Zombie Rob sounds more friendly and something like Captain Kangaroo. Either way, she sure looks like she can hold her own in Zombie Town.

Mrs Furious said...

Just like her obsession with BigFoot... this one is walking that fine line between having fun & scaring the shit out of herself.

Kiki said...

I think that may have been the most hilarious response ever, Mrs. F. I laughed out loud and then ran to Ken to read it to him....so funny!!!

I love that she knows EXACTLY what she wants....perfection!!!

katieo said...

For you, Baby (i hope it works!):

Kelly said...

Mrs F-I showed the kids Baby dressed as a Zombie, and they were so jealous.Now they wanna do it. She is so cute and creative!
Katieo- I didnt see the song on the myspace link but we found it on youtube. Great song. my kids loved it :)

Mrs Furious said...

That link worked for us! She was thrilled and now keeps singing that she isn't going to eat your brains just take your heart. Hilarious.

ugh... I have to say keeping up with her *creativity* is exhausting and never-ending. One of my biggest personal struggles these days is dealing with her constant need to do fairly complex crafty things... only to finish and then have her ready to do something else RIGHT AWAY. You know? Like, I'll put all this effort into something and I feel like the effects should last more than 5 minutes. Nope. She's always on to something else.

Oh, she knows what she wants. Unfortunately, she also knows what she doesn't ;)

Gigs said...

Ah, I hear you on the complex, crafty stuff. I always struggled with that too. You don't want to squash their ideas or say no to creativity, but by god, sometimes those things could put me right over the edge. It would be one thing if it was once in a while, or a unique big project, but no, we also had/have the continuous flow of over the top projects! However, on the up side, my kids now think anything is possible, and my 15 yo is pretty sure he's going to solve the energy crisis, so I think what you are teaching her by indulging is worth it! :)

Kelly said...

"Like, I'll put all this effort into something and I feel like the effects should last more than 5 minutes. Nope. She's always on to something else."

Totally get that. Today we made homemade paint so the kids could finger paint. Painting lasted 10 min. Clean up? 45 min.

steves said...

Rob Zombie creeps me out, too.

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