Monday, November 14, 2011

Update 11-14


Marie said...

Heres our chores (btw i have a 7, 6, and4yo): everyone must put shoes/coats/bookbags away daily, dirty clothes in hampers, keep rooms neat, clean up dishes etc after meals. 4yo has to wipe down table and bsthroom sink. Older two rotate nights for doing dishwasher and have to bring two loads of dirty laundry each to basement weekly. 4yo "helps" with that. They get thier age in allowance. Rught now we are saving for disney so they can choose to put some of thier allowance in the disney fund or keep it. We have a chart on the fridge with how much we need and how much weve saved ( hubby and i obviousky adding to this one too).

All 3 have added thier allowance to the disney fund and my 6 yo dplits hers between disney and saving for another american doll. I am amazed really.. Thought they would be spending it right away but no one has and are each saving fir longer goals. And we dont have to ask to do things over and over (except for the 4yo).

We are a few months in to this system and will probably add on more at some point but wanted to get a system going first without overwhelming them or us.

Staci said...

Baby is so cute. :)

We don't really do "chores." I view it like this...we are a family...a team of sorts. The house & our land is something we all share & take pride in. I also have stressed that a team works TOGETHER.

So, we all come together to do what needs to get done. My boys are older (14 & 12) but they have always helped take care of the home. Inside & outside chores.

Since they were old enough to walk/talk they wanted to take trash out every week. So, when they were little...we helped them. Now they just know...come Thursday needs to go out.

Also, they take care of emptying the dishwasher. Everyone fills the dishwasher because when you're done with a plate, cup, spoon, gets rinsed & put in the dishwasher. Only things that can not go in the dishwasher (pots & pans) get put into the sink. That's just been a given at our house because I'm anal about dishes sitting out. Drives me bonkers. I can't think when the sink is full of stuff. (Yes, I'm that much of a nut case) ;)

The boys take turns emptying it. Writing their initial on the calendar after they have done it. That way the next time the dishwasher is ran...they know who's turn it is to empty.

As far as folding laundry, dusting, vaccuming, mopping, bathrooms...the boys & I work togther to get it done quickly. None of us want to clean the house so we know if we work together we get it done & can move on to more fun things. :P

Outside stuff falls more to my husband because I get poison ivy & living in the woods...I have had enough of it to last me a lifetime. So, they help my husband cut wood & stack it. (THIS is the one thing they DO get paid for since it helps my husband save his back from doing it all alone---or paying for pre-cut wood)

Raking leaves, taking care of chickens...all of this we do together as a team. No pay for anyone. :)

Liz said...

I am not a nutritionist, but I do read a lot and workout a lot. But you may not be losing weight because you are not eating enough. Doesn't make sense I know but try this for a week and see what happens:

Keep your calories at 1400, but if you workout, add those burned calories in. So if you work out for 80 mintes, add an extra 500 calories for that day. If you are keeping your intake at 1400 and burning 500-800 calories, you are technically only eating 600-900 calories...not enough. Your body will think that it is starving.

Just a thought!

Mrs Furious said...

eating more food?... yes, please. I'll try it. I'm completely flummoxed at this point. Calories in vs calories out should be producing a loss. I'm eating less and working out more... so, it's been extremely frustrating to not see any scale changes!!!!

will you guys keep that monetary part up (age amount) even as they get older, or will you cap it? Dishwasher? wow... I don't know if Kid could handle that one. Hmm... maybe I need to investigate that further.

" So, when they were little...we helped them. "
Where we're at (with Baby) this has been key. I don't know why it took me so long to realize (cave in) to it. When we were expecting Baby to do something... it wasn't happening. Now that we're walking her through them all, she's sticking through the whole process and actually feeling capable and some pride in her/our work.

Thanks for your input, ladies.

gooddog said...

Yay for Disney! One thing we have started on vacations- we started it on our Disney trip actually- is that we give the kids a certain amount of $ each day. If they want something, they can use that money to get it. If they don't spend it, it rolls over to the next day and they can even bring it home. it worked like a charm and totally eliminated begging.

Chores: the 8YO makes bed, picks up toys and straightens his room on Saturday mornings. He takes out the trash. He feeds the dog in the AM. The 5YO "straightens" his room as well. I walk him through it, like you were saying about baby. He feeds the dog at night and gets the mail. Park of allowance is NO COMPLAINING when they are asked to help out in other ways.

As for the losing weight thing- are you losing inches? I ask because I ran so much this summer- trained for and ran a marathon and didn't lose a pound. But dropped 2 sizes. Totally rewarding. :) Good for you working out so much. I hear you on the getting hooked on it.

And finally, and sarcastically, "I've never been one to be uncomfortable with extreme religious convictions." Really--- AMISH!! But seriously, that is interesting about the Duggers. They have been a total turn off to me but I may actually be able to approach it a little more open-mindedly now.

Thanks for the update! I love them.

Liz said...

Eating less and working out more is good...until you don't eat enough to sustain your basal metabolic rate and your body goes into starvation mode. Even the biggest loser people have to eat enough to to keep their bodies working properly. Try it for a week. Keep your intake at 1400, but if you work out (cardio) add those burned calories to your day. YOu will probably be happier too! :)

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