Monday, November 7, 2011


I made pork tenderloin, peas, and stuffing for dinner

Baby said...

"Thank you for Heaven."

(make a note, Mother)


I've finally gotten over myself and realized that if I want to see any recognizable weight loss I will, in fact, have to lower my calories.

One week at 1400... 2.5 pounds down

That's more like it.


6 months ago, My father came to visit and I was forced to make our guest room an actual guest room. So, we did what anyone else would do... we threw all the weird half unpacked boxes and piles of *important* paperwork, left out from doing our taxes, on the floor of our room.

My Dad came again last week... the shit is STILL all over our floor. Except now it is not even remotely stacked... it's like a carpet of important documents.

When are they going to file themselves, already?!!!


Any one time breastfeeding mother probably has a tube of Lansinoh lanolin in the back of a bathroom drawer.

You know what it is GREAT for?! Your kids' super chapped lips.

Kid really suffers with extremely chapped lips once we have our heat on... and I've tried everything... even diaper cream.

And this is the best.

Hypoallergenic, 100% natural, no preservatives or additives.

I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

Plus, it's not as disturbing as putting diaper cream... which you've actually used on someone's ass... on their mouth.

Go ahead and put it on your heels, too.


Disney, we're coming for you... in 12 days.


P.S. My Brownies co-leader... is... C-R-A-Z-Y.


trifitmom said...

we are in our new house about 7 months now, the basement is huge and a playroom, however, i never go down and clean it, their shit is everywhere. i can not find the motivation to go down there and organize it. it is seriously paralyzing to me. i am disgusted in it, but not disgusted enough to go do something about it. i would love to do an hour here or there BUT that aggravates me b/c i do an hour work, and then bam it is back to a mess later and why go and do it again. any advice ??? not sure why i am asking you, i just feel like you know the feeling...

Christy said...

I've always used Lansinoh for super chapped lips, it's awesome!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I 100% understand... it is the very reason that Mr F and I have been slipping (literally) all over the floor of the bedroom for 6 fucking months. EVERY single day I want to put that on my list.. but it is just such a massive and overwhelming organizational job. We never set up an office space when we moved here (15 months ago... ahem) and I've cobbled together a system for all new paperwork (kind of) but all the stuff we moved? Which I had to root through to file our taxes... so... no, I couldn't just leave it in it's moving boxes... yeah, it's a nightmare. And because I don't really need any of it... it just sits there.

Playroom... been there... we do have a system that finally works and it is thanks in part to having a massive playroom with ample storage. I have a bin (shoe box sized or twice that size depending) for every type of toy. There is actually shelve space enough for all of them. It's been a success. Any time I've jumbled things together it's failed... must have separate bins for everything (for us) or clean up just cannot happen... it's too overwhelming.

Now, crafts?... never gotten that under control in this house. I had a system that worked in Asheville but our set up doesn't work here. Even though I have enough space... it's just now a huge closet of overwhelming HELL that could be organized but needs a whole weekend to do it... and that isn't happening... not when I can just shut the door ;)

seriously?! Awesome. It's been a miracle and she doesn't mind it since it doesn't have a smell or taste (like diaper cream! ha!) Plus she doesn't have to be embarrassed by walking around with a clown mouth due to the zinc ;) Those were some good times...

Julie said...

Yay. Updates! That is all I have to say because I have a freaking sinus headache and feel a bit shitty.

lucinda said...

Baby may have called it heaven, but did she actually eat it?

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, she loves pork tenderloin. She says it's better than candy.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Feel better!

-amy said...

I'm all about the lanisoh too. My youngest does react to it though (his skin reacts to almost everything - believe it or not it's Cetaphil and olive oil that keep him rash-free).
I usually put it on my cuticles on my way out the door to walk the kids to school - it's the only time I won't smear it on something trying to get something done before it's really worked itself in.

Gigs said...

clearly we need more info about the co-brownie leader.

G in Berlin said...

I sent an e-mail, but perhaps it got spam-filed- we are actually checking out on the 21st from Orlando, spending the last day here at Disney, then heading back down to my parents until we leave on Saturday- if you have time, would love to say hi over coffee.

Mrs Furious said...

G in Berlin,
I don't think I got that email. hmm.
Try me again rachel at voltage design dot com
We're leaving here Sat but won't get to FL until late on Sunday. Monday we will be heading to the parks; I'd love to meet up.

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