Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Good News Is

Baby wasn't having a heart attack.

The bad news is I only found that out after the doctor had me rush her in.

You know how we like to have one medical crisis, right after another, right after another around here?

Keeps me on my toes.

P.S. You know what can cause a 35 year old woman to have a heart attack? Thinking her 4 year old is having one.

Hey kids could tomorrow just be a TV day? Pretty please?


trifitmom said...

what ? What ????? i am glad she is ok. a little chocolate can help you. at least that is what i am doing.....my current addiction. snack size heath bars. toffee makes all ok

Torey said...

Um. ACK???????

I hope everything is ok, and that tomorrow is *really* dull.

Really. Really. Dull.

Mrs Furious said...

When I went to pick her up from preschool her teachers said she was "off" and that she wasn't playing. When we got home she seemed tired and was sitting with Ruby and she told Ruby that her chest hurt. Ruby remembers from going to the cardiologist with her in the fall that that is important and told me. Then Charlotte confirmed that it hurt and pointed to her heart and said it hurt inside. That was the only thing the cardiologists said to look out for when we had her EKG. Ugh, I was really freaking out! We got her in to the doctor and all her vitals were fine. Totally stressful afternoon, though.

Mrs Furious said...

I just bought heath bar chips... I could just pour them down my gullet.

Julie said...

Holy shit.

Good Ruby to tell you about it, too. And the thought of her hobbling kind of made me chuckle in all of the craziness of running to the car. Now that everything is okay of course.

Did they tell you what was wrong with Baby?? It never occurred to me that a child could have a heart attack. Great. A new thing to worry about.

Julie said...

Hey, today would be a good day to make a big batch of the white trash stuff your old neighbor used to give you at Christmas!!

Torey said...

Yeah, way to go Kid for letting you know. It's amazing when kids help each other like that.

Hope you're doing a bit better today!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, they can. You know those teenage boys that just drop dead while playing a basketball game or some such? They usually have an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. When we went in to the cardiologist in the fall a lot of the questioning was about whether she had passed out while active playing, or if she'd ever complained of chest pain. When we went they didn't give her the ultrasound (which would have given me more peace of mind that both murmurs were innocent) because her EKG was normal and the sound of the murmurs was in keeping with innocent (functional, not caused by damage) murmurs, and she had no other symptoms (like chest pain). Then they said just to bring her in if she ever complained of chest pain or passed out.

Gigs said...

So glad this thing with Baby turned out to be nothing. Is it not absolutely unbelievable how your child can make you worry? Oh, and I'm with Julie...it's that white trash time of year!

Michelle Lee said...

OMG ! You need to start texting me so I don't have a heart attack when I read your blog!!!!!!

How's Baby and Kid???


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