Monday, December 5, 2011

On The Mend

Whatever was going on with our gastrointestinal systems seems to have come to an end.

I wouldn't think traveling through Epcot would be rife with such horrors, but I think we had something like dysentery.

For real.

Neither Kid, nor I, feel 100% up to snuff, but I think that's to be expected when your innards have been ravaged.

We are, as of yesterday, back to eating normal foods.

In response to last weeks health disasters, I'm planning to take the week off of home school and just rest up and try to catch up on all the housework.

I would like to be decorating for Christmas, but I think we're going to have to push that back until next weekend.

Kid's ankle is resting. So far, so good. She hasn't had cause to get too frustrated by her infirmity as of yet, since Mr F has been home all weekend, carrying her where she needed to go, and letting her use his iPad for large scale Angry Birds.

This morning may prove to be a rude awakening, now that we have to get her around without his help.

And try to keep entertained while lying on her back with her foot raised without an iPad to help break up the monotony.

We did pick up a spare walker at my grandmother's house...

Which is as adorable as it is helpful.

We have another 5 days to go, before we'll know more conclusively if this is a sprain or a break and what her full recovery/treatment will have to be. Until then it's my goal to keep her off of it at all costs.

I'm just glad she's old enough that she can be left on the couch while I run Baby to preschool & dance down the street this week.

Okay, off to do the laundry, clean the fish tank, roast some chicken and tackle the playroom...

and pick up more Nancy Drews.


trifitmom said...

sounds like you are facing it with a good attitude. love the walker !! and the house/hallway looks great !! i have finally starting hanging some photos this week.....i am pretty sure by the time i truly unpack and decorate my i will have become a grandmother.....

Andrea said...

Never boring in the Furious home, I hope kids ankle has a quick recovery and glad to hear ya'll are feeling better. Is it just me or is December the month where everyone just as soon forget, when they look forward to it all year. Merry F'ing Christmas indeed.Hang in there.

Jenny The Bold said...

Nothing to do with your post but could you please post the link to that snowflake tutorial you posted a year or two ago? I would love to make those again but I can't remember for the life of me how to make them!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes! I was just thinking about them, myself.
Here it is.

Gigs said...

Dysentery from Epcot? Not quite the magic that Disney promises! Glad you are feeling better and that you seem to have things under control. I spent last weekend cleaning our house so we could do the Christmas decorating, because the idea of adding another layer of clutter to an already cluttered household was making my skin itch. Getting the tree this weekend! Stay well and keep pushing those Nancy Drews...those are great stuff!

Jenny The Bold said...

Thank you!

So does that mean you lost 80 pounds from dysentery? :)

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