Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Misheard Christmas Lyrics

"Hey, Mom! In Silent Night is it 'Holy infant so tender and wild'?" Kid asks this morning.


Smitty said...

That is easily my favorite misheard lyric. I love that. I may sing it that way myself from now on, just to laugh about it.

Gigs said...

Have you guys ever seen the Christmas special, Olive the Other Reindeer? The whole premise is based on misheard lyrics. My kids still like it. It's a matt groening production with music by michael stipe, so something for adults too!

Julie said...

Ha ha ha!! She is probably remembering Baby as a baby.

Gigs, we watch that every year. Own the DVD.

CM said...

What about the Tree Kings?

"We Tree Kings from ..."

CM said...
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