Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Breakfast table is set...
For our traditional Birthday Breakfast (Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants!)
First Five little presents... (just turned out that way, but I am pleased)
Which contain these...

Most awesome Ebay score of all time. You may recall from Halloween that she is obsessed with Robin Hood (of course all Robin Hood Disney merchandise is vaulted so this was a challenging b'day quest)

Again the Disney vault issue strikes again... this movie is technically the library's (her really really expensive copy is in the mail)
Outside of Robin Hood, one of Baby's favorite things is gingerbread men. So a birthday theme was born. I scoured all the Christmas sales and stocked up! So glad I did, and that I bought that cute skirt fabric while I was at it.
Cute... (I wish she'd let me cut those darn bangs! She only left that clip in for this picture!)

You can't tell from these pictures, but this birthday has been really hard on her. She's been sobbing over it for a couple of weeks. Cried herself to sleep, and woke up crying this morning. You'd think she was turning 50! She doesn't want to be 5 "or 8 or 9 or 13 or 20 or grownup!!!". We told her that we didn't have to celebrate, that she could skip this year, but nothing helped assuage her worries. "But I'll still be 5!!!!" She'd wail. "My body will still be 5!!!" And she was right, so there wasn't much we could do, but try to be loving and patient and understanding during her LONG, LONG bedtimes.
Hopefully the presents will help.
And the fact that she didn't wake up bigger ;)


trifitmom said...

hot stuff !

Andrea said...

That doesn't even seem possible. Happy Birthday Baby and 5 is my favorite age so far, well beside the cute little chubby infant stage. Three well I'm trying so hard to love the threes.

Gigs said...

Congratulations to Baby! She's beautiful!

Nutmeg said...

Baby looks so cute, your birthday scores were impressive.

It's so funny because E. couldn't have been MORE excited to be 5. He was very excited to be older than other people... he calls it bigger, but poor boy is RARELY bigger than anybody.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Gigs said...

Oh, I just needed to add that I'm so sorry she is upset about getting older. I get that at my house too - my 15 yr old crying because he's afraid to grow up: all the decisions and life changes...not much you can say though, because, yup, it happens to the best of us. Well, Baby's wearing 5 well, and I hope cake and presents made her feel better. :)

Torey said...

Happy Birthday Baby!! You can barely tell she's 5. Tell her we said she still looks 4, for sure.

That's sad that she is sad about being 5. I'm finding Gup's emotions at this age really heartbreaking. Hope it wasn't too hard on you!

Julie said...

Happy Day Baby! You will always be a baby in my book.

Baby looks more like Kid in at least one of the photos. Absolutely adorable!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday wow that went by quick. Great pics :-)

Bob said...

She's working it for better/bigger/more gifts.

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