Friday, April 27, 2012

Other Kinds Of Preparedness

Remember when you were younger and you'd pre-drink before heading out to the bar?

I depart for Girl Scout camp in an hour.

And I'm not the driver.


Lindsay said...

wait, pre-drinking was only for when we were younger? oops, i missed the memo :) have fun!

Samantha said...

Love your blog and am rooting for your family on your many journies you kindly share with us readers. On a separate note, I am headed to Ashville in June and welcome tips for a visit to biltmore

Mrs Furious said...

fun was not the word for it ;)

Oh, you know I love the Biltmore, and June will be a great time to visit. Do you already have a place to stay? If not, you should look into getting a package that includes admission tickets, which are kind of expensive. On the Biltmore site they link to several hotel/ticket bundles. When you tour the house definitely pay for the audio tour! It makes a huge difference and is worth the money. And the English Tea at the Inn on Biltmore is fantastic if you can fit it in your budget.

Kiki said...

Which part wasn't fun? The driving? Or the camping? Because they are both kind of the third ring of hell for me....I'm not a good passenger and camping, well how about I just say I'm not great in nature.

lucinda said...

Now that you know how it went, don't you wish you had?

Mrs Furious said...

It was mostly the horrible prison camp sleeping conditions. I got zero hours of sleep over two nights. I just can't recover from that. 36 people in one room on tiny tightly spaced hard bunks, slippery sleeping bags on hard plastic mattresses = super loud rustling combined with constant snoring and girls getting up to get their sleeping bags that had slipped off their beds all night long = pure HELL. They had us scheduled with activities until 11 at night, which means everyone was asleep by 1 AM then girls started waking up with the sun at 6:30 AM... it was nuts. Then they made us run for an hour long 'hike" yelling that we weren't going to make it in time, and I had to carry a small girl on my back the whole way since she couldn't keep up. It was comically hellacious. Of course, all the girls loved it and want to go back.

believe it. Next time I bring a flask and learn to drink like a man.

Samantha said...

Wow, you're making me positively giddy in anticipation of future trips with my girls. Flask is already packed!

Headed to Ashville for a free trip from my husband's work so the hotel accommodations are taken care of and we get one free day to do anything- Biltmore it is! Do you recommend an entire day?

Thanks for the tip on the audio tour at the Biltmore. I was going to skip that but will definitely pony up and purchase that option.

Are you referring to the lunch menu or the afternoon tea at the Library Lounge?

I am super excited to go to the Biltmore!

Mrs Furious said...

You can easily spend an entire day there, if the weather is nice, walking around the grounds. They have a cute toy shop with nice quality toys in the gift shop area, too ;)
The food at the restaurants (at the house and in the other areas) are all pretty good. The tea is the afternoon tea in the library lounge of the Inn ... it's great!... really nice views of the grounds around the hotel, and it is fine to bring the kids along. They also have a petting zoo and original old farm buildings with old fashioned games and crafts out for the kids, that is closer to the Inn than the Biltmore House. I'd go do the house tour first, hit the toy shop on your way out when the kids are bored. Then I'd take them over to the farm area to see the animals and run around. While you are on that side of the property I'd have tea, and if everyone still has energy head back toward the Biltmore house to the gardens and explore until you are ready to head out. One of our favorite restaurants is called The Corner Kitchen and is just outside of the Biltmore in the part of town called Biltmore village (a little pricey but very good and they have a decent kids menu). Our other standby was Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville... a good place if you guys are walking around town... their biscuits are amazing. Have fun! I can't believe it's been two years since we were there!

And girl scout camp... yeah... I wish I was exaggerating, but it could be used as a form of torture. It broke me.

poroshosk said...

Wow--licorice fern roots are STRONG. I love licorice, so I thought I'd try a root while out foraging last week.
I think cooking with the root and not chewing it like the natives did might be the better idea... Thanks for all of the good info here!

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