Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saving Face

Unfortunately, it turns out tree farms are lacking, ironically, in shade.

I woke up this morning looking, as Kid described, "like a dog tore off your nose and then put it back on". Which is also a good description of the pain I'm in. Particularly awesome, since we have a fancy Easter dinner to attend.

(Keep in mind the flash is washing this picture out... it was even more horrendous is person, if possible)

Thank God, I had kept that tube of foundation the makeup artist used at my wedding (yes, that's the first and last time I ever wore any)... I really wasn't sure how I could show up anywhere looking like a red & white raccoon.

I might die of botulism, but at least I don't look like a complete freak anymore.


CM said...

You looked fabulous, as always.

sara said...

Mrs. F.,

Just read up on all of the tornado happenings through your posts. So sorry to hear (really read) that your family went through such trauma. Looks like you all handled it spectacularly considering the circumstance. Think of your family!


sara said...

Whoops, thinking** of your family!


Smitty said...

Sunburned at a tree farm. That's kinda priceless.

FYI, I have had to kill my venture into Paleo. I started a series of workouts whereby Paleo just wasn't giving me what I need to survive them, let alone recover afterwards and be okay for the next day.

It was interesting while it lasted.

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F looked like a lobster... at least, for him, it was an all over coat ;)

Still struggling with paleo or no paleo. There was a lot of good, that I wish I could capture without having to go all the way. It's just too much work per calorie.

Insanity... I'm going to have to watch the infomercial and see what that is all about. From your posts, I think it's way out of my league.

thank you

Oh, thanks. I'm sorry I never got back to your question... I feel like it was a year ago! I'm terrible about keeping up on FB and it just slipped through the cracks, then I felt like it was too late. I hope that situation is all worked out. Sorry!

sara said...

Oh no worries! Things have worked themselves out, it's amazing what time can do :)

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