Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Mr F returns from France,

not in time to help the girls celebrate Mother's Day,

but just in time for his own birthday.


Julie said...


He will totally owe you.

Gigs said...

Hmmm...I think that means you get Father's Day off instead.

Marie said...

I'm thinking your going to be muttering the word "Mother-...." quite often on

For Fathers day give him the gift of quality time with his children..and by that I mean get up at like 5am and sneak out of the house, not to return until after the girls are in bed... :p

G in Berlin said...

My guy ran off to S Africa for two weeks the Monday before Valentine's day, after I was diagnosed with pneumonia, and although we had tickets to a gala opening of Romeo and Juliet and a talk with the ballet director.
I feel your pain.
Have a good Mother's Day- maybe toss a Barbie movie in and get some extra sleep?

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