Monday, May 7, 2012

It Might Be Heartbreaking If It Weren't The Most Adorable Thing In The World

Things haven't been going well around here for Baby.

On Sunday, she got off on the wrong foot after an unfortunate incident during her drum solo.

Then in the hammock she asked who wanted to see her trick and Kid said "I'll watch you" but Mr F and I only said "Sure".

"Sure means you don't really want to."  Baby returned glumly.

That was the last straw.... she'd had enough.

She came in and declared she was running away.

Kid tried to talk her out of it.

Baby declared that she's "having bad times and people keep getting her in trouble"

She also suggested that Shel Silverstein was in on the conspiracy...

"Even that guy's mad at me... he's trying to kick me."

Seeing as her efforts weren't working, Kid tried to help her pack accordingly.

Baby came in and hugged Big Boy pitifully and cried and cried very sincere goodbye tears.

I told her she didn't have to leave.  I told her I really didn't want her to runaway.

"I don't want to runaway, but I have to."  Baby sobbed out.

Then she rolled her bags out into the hall...

Then she played a mournful tune on the harmonica...

After much deliberation, we convinced her that moving to China was not as feasible as she had first thought.

On to Plan B...

the living room.

Please take a moment to check out her incredibly well thought out digs...

Here's her bed side table, with her flashlight, framed photo of her sister, and her purses and keys hanging from a purse hanger.  Next to that is a bin with her dirty clothes, then her pjs on top of the chair and clean underwear underneath...

Then to the left is her accessories storage followed by her library on top the chair and her pantry underneath (dried fruit, granola bars, marshmallows and a huge box of Nerds... the essentials)

At the end is her closet with hanging clothes... and hula necklace...


Kiki said...

In my head I'm thinking "Baby's got her own Occupy Movement going on". I'm not sure that's funny or alarming!! Hoping all is well!!

Julie said...

"Baby's got her own Occupy Movement going on". LOL!

Oh, this is just so awesome and adorable. I really needed the laugh. Oops...sorry Baby. Maybe we all are out to get you;).

Now if I could only get Murphy to pack his bags...KIDDING!!

Smitty said...

Baby's got her own Occupy Movement going on

Oh my god, that's brilliant. Rolling with laughter. Next? The overwhelming scent of patchouli and hand-written signs about the Furious Tyranny.

A note for you, Mrs F: Pepper spray is not meant for prolonged bursts. A couple quick shots for control should do the trick. You wouldn't want Kid to film you on your own iPhone over-using pepper spray. Plus, Baby would sit there and take it. Bad PR.

We shall overrrr-cooooome...we shall overrr-coooome...

Torey said...

Oh my. That makes me want to cry. She's so cute.

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