Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maybe The Worst Is Over?!!

Got the roofing fixed... fourth time's the charm on that one.  The first time they didn't complete it (then never came back?!), the 2nd time they laid them crooked & the 3rd time when they re-did the crooked spot they used the wrong color shingles.  For real.  These yahoos must be getting paid by the day.  Jeez.

Got the siding fixed (ish).  We decided if 2nd times not the charm on that, what are the chances they'll actually improve their cutting and measuring skills by the 3rd time?  At a certain point we just have to accept the fact that using disaster contractors was not the best choice in terms of quality construction but it was the only choice in terms of actually getting any repairs covered by insurance.  It kind of sucks, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.  There is no chance we would have gotten as much out of State Farm if we'd been trying to fight them on our own.

Now we just need: insulation blown in, a light fixture replaced, our driveway re-done (yep, they did a shit ass job the first time... par for the course... they didn't even roll the asphalt... have any idea what a mess that is?!) and then we're done with these guys.  I can't wait!!!!!

Then we can finally move on to getting our yard taken care of... it's a major disaster with huge ground stump mounds, completely ruined lawn from all the tree limb punctures and such, and all the damn weeds I haven't had time to address.  But once it's cleaned up it's not really a rush or emergency.. I figure it might look good NEXT year.

Oh, and we have to paint our house... but we're doing that ourselves because it's cheaper, and considering how things have gone, most likely faster and less trouble.

The good news is, I think I'm done having constant company leering about the outside of my house, sometimes peeing in water bottles and throwing them in the dumpster by garage (smells GREAT in the heat), and sometimes peeing in my shade garden.  It'll be a nice change.  I can also take a shower when ever I feel like it, and the kids will be able to play outside without stepping on nails (hopefully).


Gigs said...

After we had our roof done, the guy gave my kids these huge magnet things that they could walk around the yard with picking up nails. To them, a fun game; to me, an exercise in avoiding tetanus.

So glad things are looking up! Keeping everything crossed that you'll have your house back soon! Can wait to see progression shots on your house painting!

Sandcastle Momma said...

We did our own roof after Ivan and Gigs is right, get one of those magnet things and make it a game of who can find the most nails - because there WILL be nails! Doing our own roof we were super conscious of the nails and yet still managed to have a yard full when it was done. Wear thick soled shoes and make lots of sweeps with the magnet thing (You can get them at a hardware store)

Julie said...

It amazes me what a tremendous impact that a major weather event, like a tornado, can make. Something that most have not encountered. I think about those down in Joplin (right?) that just celebrated 1 year since a tornado caused destruction there. And jee-suz, Katrina and that devastation. We see it on the news, feel awful, perhaps send money to Red Cross to "help", but life goes back to normal & we forget.

You have lived it, still living with it & will always be affected by the fact that a freaking tornado smacked into your neighborhood, your house. Maybe I am being presumptuous, but I don't think so, that changes you. Changes how you live and think. I mean, tornados are supposed to happen to "other people." It just reminds me just how fleeting life is. And it is scary, too.

Alright, enough of that. You must be thrilled to be rid of the worker dudes. Seriously.

Mrs Furious said...

Sandcastle Momma,
oh thanks for the recommendation, I didn't know if we could get one of those for ourselves. I think they walked around with one yesterday but there are still nails everywhere.

You can expect painting progression shots to last all summer ;)

Oh, yes. I have a way different understanding of nature... and of randomness. Nothing seems impossible. Low or high chances and risk level seem pretty irrelevant to me, now. I still can't believe that nobody died, here, and I know that that would have dramatically changed everyone's perception of how things went. I can't even imagine the added layer that would have added to everything.

Julie said...

I still can't believe that nobody died, here, and I know that that would have dramatically changed everyone's perception of how things went.

And I am grateful for that, but still we on the outside can't comprehend fully how life-changing this was--even without injuries or death. It cuts to the core of who you are and what you believe.

In some way far removed way, I now know that a tornado can happen to someone I know.

To quote the Hill Street Blues (anyone remember that show from the 80's?), "Let's be careful out there." (said in a strong NY accent...or for me, I would do in a non-Kennedy Boston accent.)

I actually say that to Tom & Jack every morning when they leave for school (they leave before M and I.) I am of course being funny when I do it, but I mean it for all.

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