Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Wild Blue Yonder

Last night we packed in the car and headed west to the Battle Creek Air Show and Balloon Festival.

At first things looked pretty dismal, since the balloons had been grounded due to wind.  And it was blazing hot in the shadeless air field.  And there were more than a comfortable number of toothless people milling about.

In truth, Mr F was about to pay for this brilliant idea...

But do you see what I see?

Yes, the Amish were all over the place.

So we waited it out for the night time air shows.

We let the kids ride the one ride I didn't think could kill them.

 Then the evening air show started up.  I have to say, I was surprised at how spectacular it was.  I didn't go into this, thinking I'd be too impressed by the planes.  We were there for the balloons.

While we were waiting for the night time Balloon Illume, we got ourselves situated near a large group of partying Amish teens (they really know how to throw back the Mountain Dew) and split this year's funnel cake.  It's taken me a long time to learn, but 1/4 of a funnel cake really is enough.  If only this were true for pans of brownies (it's not).
After a bit the balloons got into formation and they started to fill them up for the illumination.  It's hard to capture the full effect, but it was pretty awe inspiring to see so many in one place, so close together.

Just watching them blow them up was pretty fun.  

But as it got darker they started to light them up for the show.  There were about 30 balloons there and it was pretty amazing to see them lit up.  

We wish we could have seen them all fly, but watching them twinkle made the 2 hour drive worth it.  Maybe even waiting for 3 hours in the heat. Maybe. We'll definitely go back next year... with chairs and an umbrella like all the cool kids had.


Julie said...

First off, wtf about the 3 year old going on that ride without an adult?! Once again, it confirms that I am truly one of the world's best mothers. So thank you for helping boost my parenting ego.

The photos are gorgeous. What a neat thing to go to. And holy cow, I would have totally been stalking the Amish teens. I am surprised they drink Mountain Dew. That is the devil's nectar. I should know...Tom was a total skater-punk Dew drinking 22 year old when I first met him. Now he is an ad for REI or some other outdoor type store while swilling the occasional natural soda from Whole Foods. But he does have a skateboard & it scares the CRAP out of me every time he goes near it.

Anyway, what a sight it must have been with those huge balloons. Also, lit up at night. How cool. And Sugar Bear...memories. That cereal and Sugar Smacks were my absolute favorite cereals as a kid--sweetened puffed wheat. We hardly ever had it.

Gigs said...

I know Mr. F. is the professional photog, but you take some beautiful pics, Mrs. F. Love the ones of Mr. F and the girls.

Also, I, too, am a fan of Sugar Bear and the cereal formerly known as Super Sugar Crisp!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for always showing up :)

"Once again, it confirms that I am truly one of the world's best mothers. "
Thankfully, the girls saw that story on the news so they didn't give my any 'tude when we wouldn't let them go on rides.

Oh thanks, it was just luck. It's impossible to control that Hipstimatic iPhone camera. The sun was working with me for a change!

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