Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here We Go

It seems all I can manage is to show up here every week or so and dump all whole lot of randomness on you.


There really are important things I could share, like my reflections on how much I've matured in my marriage in the last 5 years.  Or how nervous, overwhelmed, and kind of lost I am over the thought of both of my girls going off to school in August.  Stuff like that.  But, I'm way too busy finishing up The Hunger Games trilogy.  It'll have to wait.

#1 Kid went to VBS this week.  It was at their new school and we thought it would be a good way to get more comfortable with the school and meet new people.  She loved it (of course).  It also turns out that the humorous (ironic) religious musicals I write, direct and star in at home for our amusement (largely inspired by Mary Katherine Gallagher) are pretty much (unbeknownst to be) a dead ringer for VBS praise songs.  At first I thought Kid was joking, but.... no.... she wasn't.  This has been endlessly amusing to us both.

#2  Baby started Safety Town this week.  This seems to be a Michigan thing (?).  It's a day camp for incoming Kindergartners run by the school and teachs about different aspects of safety (electrical, 911, police, fire, bike and car safety, etc.).  Baby NEEDS this.  And while she generally disregards any safety oriented stuff we tell her.... like walking through parking lots with her eyes closed (FOR REAL... she's such a nut).... put it in a school setting with some songs and stickers and she is all about it.  Hopefully this sticks.

#3 Mr F had one of the worst closing weeks ever at the magazine, this week.  EVER.  He was gone from 8 AM- 2 AM.... and I wish that was an exaggeration.  It's strangely easier to manage his absence when he is just out of town, then when he's just across town and not able to come home.  It really pisses Kid off.  She takes it very hard.  Baby on the other hand, having spent all of her formative years with this kind of schedule actually prefers closing week (sorry Mr F).  I think it's because we have breakfast for dinner A LOT.  Plus I let them watch a movie every day after dinner when I need to carve an hour or so out for myself so I don't crash and burn.

#4 I rented Mildred Pierce from the library this week (see #3) and watched it all over a couple of days while I took several loads of laundry to completion.  I even removed cherry stains (boiling water poured from above so it runs through the stain) and Sharpie (blot it with rubbing alcohol... took about an hour).... but can't find a mud stain remover... why?!!... why is mud/dirt the most permanent stain?  It confounds me to no end that I can get out Sharpie but not mud.  ANYWAY back to the mini series... it was fantastic.  I have to give it to Kate Winslet, she is a great actress.  If you've never seen her in anything but Titanic, you have really underrated her.  Plus I always appreciated a strong brow ;)

#5  Kid had a sleepover at a new friend's house on Friday.  Kid is not big on sleepovers to begin with.  She's only been successful at her best friend's house, and even that took awhile.  Well, she was trepidations but she went (armed with a Unisom to help her sleep).  When I went to pick her up, I found out they had stayed up ALL NIGHT.  Literally, people.  I was pissed.  I was turning into the HULK on my drive home.  I expect a late night, but come on they are 9... ALL NIGHT.... for real?!!  Sometimes trying to be the cool parent, isn't cool, you know?!  She came home looking like a drug addict and promptly cried herself to sleep.  Thanks for ruining the rest of our weekend.

Long story short, Kid won't be sleeping over there again any time soon.


Kellie said...

Em had ALL WHITE softball uniforms...can we tell the coach didn't have children??? Anyway, we soaked them in oxiclean and that seemed to be the only thing that worked. I have also heard of something in the laundry section that removes rust works well.

Mrs Furious said...

I'll look for the rust remover... even bleach applied straight to the stain (one of those pens) didn't do squat. At least it's Baby that is always ruining her clothes and I don't have to worry so much about them since I don't need to pass them down.

Gigs said...

The last time we had a sleepover here I was the ogre going down the the basement at 2 in the morning to tell the boys to be quiet and go to sleep, which according to Kev is unheard of (not cool). But since we have a cape, the basement is right below our bedroom and they were keeping me up too! Good times...

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