Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Bits O' Fury

#1 This cat never stops cracking me up.  He sleeps like a dog:


#2 These tree swings are set up at the farm we belong to for our CSA:

The girls are begging Mr F to install one at our house ASAP.

#3 Speaking of the farm share.... Oy... what have I gotten myself into?  On the plus side we have been eating 1000x our usual greens consumption.  On the negative our bacon consumption has gone up an equal measure.

#4 Baby and I may have played a good 20 rounds of this:

She's actually surprisingly good at it....(minus the few times she threw out some random "is your guy eating Nilla wafers?" or the "is your guy sitting next to a cat?" queries....  when I replied that none of them were, she returned "How would you know?  You can only see their heads." Ah... that's the Baby I know and love).

#5 A friend just dropped me off The Hunger Games trilogy.... I'm hoping the fact that I saw the movie first, doesn't ruin the first book for me.  I'm also hoping it will distract me from my Friday Night Lights addiction.

#6  Speaking of Friday Night Lights.... we cannot stop. Our mutual love of Riggins has brought us closer together.  I'm not even joking... it's like Sawyer all over again.

#7 We're easing back into our adoption quest (the tornado kind of put a wrench in that for a bit).  Currently thinking about carefully selected teenage girls that are about to age out of foster care.  Crazy?  Or awesome opportunity to enter the lives of kids that need it the most, and completely alter the trajectory of their life?  Believe it or not but Friday Night Lights has actually nudged us in this direction.
Mr F is surprisingly more comfortable with this idea than any of my past ones.


Kellie said...

LOVED Riggins in FNL! I was so sad when they cancelled the show. It was prob my #2 favorite show if all time.

katieo said...

"Our mutual love of Riggins has brought us closer together. I'm not even joking... it's like Sawyer all over again."

word. Hated him at first. Then he's my fav. Then he's my tv boyfriend. I still miss that show. (though there some things that really bugged me about the last few episodes).

Love Baby's guess who antics.

Gigs said...
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Gigs said...

#1: Love him!

#2: Awesome! Our rope swing got tons of use before the branch came down in the storm last October. FYI, it also attracted random neighborhood kids.

#3: Yea, greens! Mmmmmmm, bacon!

#4: Bwahahaha!

#5: I read the whole trilogy in a weekend (when all my boys were away). Addictive.

#6: How have I never seen this show? I only hear rave reviews...

#7: I am envious of your courage and open heart. Good luck with whatever you gusy decide to do!

Gigs said...

*guys*, not gusy!

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