Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey, hop on over to JCPenny ASAP.

Until the end of August all kids haircuts are FREE

and unbelievably all kids glasses are TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!


Yes, it's 100% true.

All kids glasses (frames up to $120 and lenses) are $25 until Aug 31st.

I kind of hate that that is even cheaper than what I have to pay with our freaking vision insurance.

I don't know if this is a typical yearly special, but if so, I won't even get the insurance next year.

Full on craziness.

For $25 I'm getting Kid an extra pair just in case something happens to her's at school.

Also you might think about getting a cheap pair for wearing to the beach, amusement parks, etc.

For the love of god... they are only $25!

I'm just floored that this is even a real deal.

It is.

I swear it.


steves said...

My daughter got one there a week and half ago. We had to make an appointment a few days in advance, as they were pretty booked up.

Brenda said...

wonder if they do prescription sunglasses...

Mrs Furious said...

Definitely worth calling to find out. Seems possible. They said they'd never had a promotion like this before... Frames were $12 lenses $13. Maybe you'd have an up charge on the lenses. Still would be a good deal. Ages 0-18

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