Wednesday, August 22, 2012


If we aren't moving then I can finally get my old Venetian chandelier installed (last seen 2 houses ago) instead of this beauty...

If we are moving it's still boxed up from our move in 2008...

(and, Yes, it's been there on the floor of the dining room blocking that door for ONE YEAR)


Smitty said...

Isn't it funny? I bet you put that box in front of that door a year ago because you said to yourself "self...and Mr. F...if I block this door, we will be *certain* to actually hang this thing, because we want to use this door eventually; it'll be a daily inconvenient reminder until it's done!" And then day after day, it slooooowly fades away until it is, in earnest, just a part of "that stupid door we never use I don't even know why that door is there, stupid house plans who puts a door THERE amirite??"

See, it becomes the *house's* fault that you haven't hung that one thing. Not yours!

And I speak to my hunch on your conundrum with a degree of authority. Our basement half-bath is *supposed* to be a full bath, and the box with the shower stall is even in the spot in which it will occupy as a real thing, but 6 years ago, our stupid house put a stack of "things we intend to sell at that one garage sale at some point in the undefined future" all around it. And then? AND THEN?? Before a party 4 years ago, our house went and HUNG A CURTAIN IN FRONT OF ALL THAT JUNK SO WE CAN'T SEE IT ANY MORE. And so we keep NOT taking showers in our basement and NOT selling stuff at some garage sale, all because our stupid house hides stuff we're supposed to be clearing out of the way.

Mrs Furious said...


yes, at first it was inconvenient... people kept trying to get in through that door and I'd have to yell reminders that the door was blocked... then a month or so later that door turned itself into a window ;)

Mr Furious said...

What door?

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