Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh Goody Another Long Boring Post (You're Welcome)

There are a few specific things I miss about not having TV service... Food Network and House Hunters International!  Damn, I miss the opportunity to veg out hardcore while watching people get all riled up that their potential Berlin apartment doesn't have a kitchen in it.

Today is weirdly foggy and disturbingly warm and I have an ever worsening cold and I'm still tired from that crazy Cathe workout I did on Monday (seriously, I thought I was on the verge of cardiac arrest...SERIOUSLY) and I'd love me a long House Hunters International marathon.

Instead I'll regale you with the minutia of my ongoings:

Yesterday, after waxing poetically (or not) about Mr F's new job... he came home late.  Ha Ha!  Joke's on me!  I was irrationally pissed.  It's a long trying day in Casa Furious now that the kids are in school...  I have a tremendous amount of balls in the air at once.  (I know this confounds me, too)  I just assumed having 3 hours sans kids would equal getting MORE done not LESS.  I was wrong.  (Veteran moms are laughing everywhere)  Not only is there all the morning routine hullaballo which had me (literally) monitoring all four burners this morning (hot breakfasts and lunch... that's how I roll) while cutting up strawberries and making Mr F's coffee and packing Kid's lunch and doing Baby's hair and locating 6 plastic spoons for her to bring to school.  You get the picture.  It's an hour long after school special on the dangers of multi-tasking.  Mr F said one day he could handle it and I could sleep and I laughed and laughed and laughed.  And laughed.

Anyway, back to how I have less time.  Believe it.  While I've theoretically gained the 3 hours Baby is at school I've also lost 2 hours commuting.  Add to that the fact that we are prisoners to Kid's homework every single afternoon from the time we arrive home until we set the table for dinner (most of which involves me actively participating) and now I've lost 5 hours a day.  I try and workout in the morning and get one chore done and then it's time to pick up Baby.  We get home have lunch and either attend her extra curriculars or run errands (or most days both) and then we go back and get Kid.  Then it's homework, dinner, showers, book reading with the girls, Mr F and I usually try to watch a show, then I take a sleeping pill and go to bed.  It's glamorous.  All the books I pick up for myself at the library sit in a stack unread.  This is not what I imagined it would be like... and I tried to set really low expectations.

I'm still cooking.  I made chicken noodle soup last night.  I'm making Kid's lunches.  One day, maybe soon, I'll get back to posting all of that stuff again.  We're almost done with our CSA (praise God!) and I can go back to actually planning our meals and not throwing out 90 pounds of rotted kohlrabi and kale every week.  I've had a love hate thing going on with the CSA and as the weeks drag on it's more hate hate.  Ironically we've eaten out more than we have ever since having the CSA because more often than not I just can't face dealing with it at dinner time.  I spent way too many hot summer afternoons cutting up vegetables no one even particularly liked for 2 hours in order to make some kind of meal out of them no one really wanted to eat.  I wish I was exaggerating.  It was a grueling job and after 20 weeks I am ready to quit.  Next year?... farmer's market.  The End.

We've done a few things to try and make our life a bit more bearable during the school week.  Most of them are food related.  On Mondays you will find us at Red Brick Kitchen & Bar making the most of both 1/2 price appetizers and free kids meals.  If you ever want to run into us, you know where to find us.  6 PM.  The food is great (really good) and the kids meals are huge and top notch.  We always end up taking half of everyone's dinner home for lunch the next day (win-win... and combined with the free kids meals makes this an affordable choice).  Mondays are usually rough with a lot of homework and this gives us something to look forward to.  Plus it's nice to have the concentrated family dinner conversation time that just doesn't always happen at home when there are dishes and such to get started on.  We also like to cap off the week with a Friday night family date to Culver's.  Culver's is the bomb.  We don't even eat the ice cream.  Pot Roast sandwich... I'm coming for you.... Friday 6 PM.  Again you know where to find us.  They have amazing root beer.  The point of this is that I only have 3 nights I have to juggle homework and dinner at the same time.  This is the most we've ever gone out to eat in YEARS, but life is a challenge right now and dinner doesn't have to be ;)

Okay, Jillian I'm coming for you...


Mr Furious said...

We might not have TV, but soon oh won't need it! Sandra Lee is getting her own magazine!

Kellie said...

I am totally with you about the CSA thing. I tried it for ONE WEEK and I don't know how you have done it all Summer. I had visions of preparing all the fruits an veggies cooking all of these heathy dinners I would be preparing for my family. Just be all Martha Stewart-y...yeah, I'm not. I give you props for doing it all Summer.

Brenda said...

I love your newsy posts...always entertaining, and I feel all caught up. I laugh and laugh and laugh. And laugh. :)

Mrs Furious said...

It's been a LONG summer ;)

He can barely remember to take his coffee with him in the morning... the delusion their with his offer is absolutely hilarious!

Gina said...

You must try House Hunters, House Hunters International, Chopped...the list goes on and on and it's free! Your're welcome.

Julie said...

Yeah, it is so weird how it seems you have less time when the kids are in school...especially when your kids have different schedules. I struggled with that. I thought I would have so much time, but it seemed like I was driving back & forth to school more than anything.

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