Monday, September 24, 2012

Things That Are Going Down

A) Mr F's new job is 100 billion times better.  People are actually qualified and passionate about their jobs = refreshing change.  Added bonus: all of the people Mr F works with directly have kids.  This is a life changer.  He's been home at dinner time every single day.  Now I know how the other half lives and let me tell you it's a lot better.  It boggles the mind that he had to work 2x as many hours with a bigger department at the other place.  WTF?  I'm so glad we got out of there before it gave us both heart attacks. Also, if I had to go through all of this school stress with Mr F working his old hours (aka never home... ever.... ever) I wouldn't have been able to handle it.

B) Mr F and I are working our way through Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I don't love it.  It's fine... I think it's incredibly slow moving and it doesn't have that pull that other series have had (Lost, FNL, Justified) where Mr F and I can't stop watching the episodes back to back.  We need another one like that, any suggestions (must be dvd or Netflix as we have no TV service).

C) I was making great strides (Ha!) working out in the AM after the kids went to school.  Then last week the school stress just got unbearable and I started going to back to sleep after sending them off for another hour or two.  I don't know what it is but extreme stress shuts me down and I am INCREDIBLY sleepy.  I used to be like that during finals in college.  Also, I was just burning it at both ends.  I have to get up a couple of hours earlier to get everyone ready for school and then I don't actually go to bed a couple of hours earlier.  Plus I'm driving so many hours a day... it's really mentally fatiguing (seriously it is).  Well, anyway, now we have mice in the basement and I can't workout until Mr F secures the perimeter.  I'm am going to try and do ye olde Cathe in the living room.  If I get motivated... hopefully soon.

D) We found mice in the basement.  WTF, cats?!

Get your lazy asses up and get on that shit.

E) Kid has 4 tests this week.  Pray for us.  I am now keeping a daily emotions calendar and charting how she feels about school before, after, and during homework.  I'm hoping sometime before the next tuition payment is due we'll have a clear pattern we can go off of.  She said if she could choose again she'd choose to homeschool, but now that she is there it's very hard for her to quit.  I get it.  I'm hoping that by charting it, I'll be able to make the best decision possible for her.  If after 60 days the negative feelings dominate then I think we should pull her out.

F) Despite living in the safest area we've ever lived in, we just installed a home security system.  For those of you that already have one this will seem like no big deal, I'm sure.  For us, this is ground breaking!  We've always kind of felt like if someone was going to break-in they were going to break-in and you might as well leave your door unlocked than have them smash out the glass of your antique door.  You know?  But then we were hit by the tornado and I have a very different feeling about how much stress and trauma I want to live through and feel much more comfortable being proactive.  There has been a huge increase in break-ins in our county and even extending into our little village... the beauty of our house is that it is set way back on a heavily foliaged acre lot... which is also the negative in this circumstance.  Better safe than sorry.  We've got this baby rigged up tight!  It seems a little overboard, but as I said, I'd much rather be in that situation than the other.  One of Mr F's coworkers, at his old job, had their house ransacked while she was at work... when he saw how devastating and traumatizing it was he was on board lickety split.  We got our system from SimpliSafe and I have to say, I'm loving it.  It was very easy to install and use and I love having the key fob... really does make it as easy to use as a car alarm.

E) The weather decided to abruptly match the change in season.  We've had the heat on the past two days (and trust me I really try to prolong that as much as possible since I'm crazy about our heating bill) and we're back to hot coffee.  This kind of weather really makes me miss Asheville.  I loved the sound and smell of the heat coming off of the radiators in the morning... I had the perfect spot to drink my coffee right next to a big radiator and my windows looking out at our gorgeous maple tree lined street.  Fall was definitely the best season there.  Of course, now we have THIS at the end of our street... so I'm not complaining ;)


Marie said...

We liked Sons of Anarchy..there were at least a few episodes where dh and i were amazed that the show was went by so fast because we were sucked in and we had to watch the next one immediately.. Not kid friendly at all though..

Mr Furious said...

Kid-friendly is not a requirement. This our unwinding time after the kids go to bed. I'm happy to stick it out with Breaking Bad, but if suddenly I could watch Season 3 of Justified? I'd drop it in a heartbeat.

Mr Furious said...

A) haven't gone through a deadline week at the new job, but I have high hopes. People here simply seem to have a better work/life balance outlook.

Supermom said...

We loved Bored to Death, an HBO series. Umm, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Archer, Person of Interest, The IT Crowd and Flight of the Conchords.

Brenda said...

I have to tell you, working with other parents is huge. When I started at my current agency, I was pretty much the only one with kids, and no one got that I had to leave when I had to leave. Work/life balance = priceless.

Stress makes me shut down too. There's really only so much a body can deal with, I think. Maybe the security system will help you sleep better as you subconsciously feel safer?

Seems like charting Kid's emotions is a good idea. I've been wondering how Baby is doing at the school. Assume it's working out for her? Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder how I got two so different...

Can't wait to turn our heat on. I'm not allowed to yet :( so I'm layering up!

Mrs Furious said...

Baby is doing great. She could go to a garbage dump 1/2 days and be happy. Seriously,she wakes up on the bright side of life EVERY SINGLE DAY. Nothing gets her down (except the day I made her wear "boy pants"). Everything comes easily to her, she's extremely artistic, ahead in academics, and has excellent hand eye coordination. She can write and draw upside down or sideways (to the perspective of the audience) without compromising her formation AT ALL. (she can also write correctly so no worries about a learning disability there, just a very advanced spatial relations ability). She says she's going to be a "magaziner" when she grows up ;)
They are complete opposites in every way. Thank God we had Kid first. Not sure what I'll do with Baby for school next year. She likes to have a lot of activity but I'd like to see her in a school with a stronger arts focus.

Andrea said...

If you like drama Brothers and Sisters on Netflix is damn good, I'm contemplating watching Greys from the beginning since there are now eight seasons on netflix. I'm with you on Breaking bad it just dosen't keep me glued to the tv which may not be so bad lol.

Mrs Furious said...

We'll check it out!

I'll have to check netflix and see which of those are on there. We've been scared of Doctor Who but seeing as everyone I know loves it maybe it's worth looking into.

Brothers & Sisters was one of my favorite shows I don't know why it didn't get renewed!!! It just went of the air with no closure :(

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