Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Ruby

I've been meaning to mention...

Kid turned the big 1-0 yesterday.

Every time I sit down to compose a post about it, I start to cry.

Not because I'm sad she growing up, on the contrary, every year she grows more and more into the most loyal and loving friend I've ever known.

I cry because my love for her, and her impact on my life, is too overwhelming to verbalize.

She's had a hard load to carry physically and mentally and emotionally.

She's had epilepsy, a cataract, two eye surgeries, abdominal migraines, OCD, she's had two major out-of-state moves leaving all her friends behind, been in a car accident, witnessed a hold up, and lived through a tornado... and she's only just ten years old!

So maybe it is no surprise that she is wise beyond her years.

Or that she watched Pride and Prejudice last weekend and totally got it.  I mean she was laughing hysterically.  And that's with the satire, sarcasm, and the old fashioned British dialogue and the fast mumbly delivery!

God, I love that girl.

If you lived nearby you'd totally want to come over and park yourself on the couch near her station (the good chair and ottoman under the good light where she seemingly speed reads a novel a day, her spent books and used kleenexes littering the ground around her feet) and let her cheer you to no end with her witty and bitingly sarcastic remarks about anyone who may have wronged you that day.

When you laugh she will suppress a prideful smile behind her book, but her eyes will glint like diamonds.

This girl is smart and fiercely loyal.

She didn't get a lick of my physical genes but as she says...

"Thank God I got your personality!"

Through nature or nurture she does... but infinitely better.

She has a confidence, sense of self, and a pure motiveless and selfless spirit of giving and kindness that I can only play act at.

I hope that the fact that she has never had to fight for, or question, our love and support, or our firm belief that she is a gift to our lives, coupled with our acceptance and enjoyment of her nature, has helped develop that strong sense of self and confidence in her being and her abilities, and that it will sustain her as life unfolds its challenges around her.

Childhood hasn't been a walk in the park for her, but I have a feeling adulthood will suit her quite well.

And I fully intend to live next door, so I don't have to miss a minute of it.


Kelly said...

I love this. It's beautiful. You guys are lucky to have each other :) Happy Birthday Kid!!

Mrs. Smitty said...

Happy Birthday Kid!

This is a beautiful post Mrs. F. I've hit a rough patch with the jr. smittys, they have been defiant, crazy, and determined to send me over the edge. But at the end of the day as I tuck/wrestle them into bed, and get I love you hugs and kisses, they are the sweetest guys around. So as I read your post, I only hope for the same for my kids when they hit 10 and couldn't agree more that there are no proper words to express motherly love.

Smitty said...

That was a lovely and moving tribute. Thanks for sharing! Someone taking the time to post about something beautiful is and should be a highlight to anyone's day.

Kellie said...

"She has a confidence, sense of self, and a pure motiveless and selfless spirit of giving and kindness that I can only play act at."

I read recently that if you are doing your parenting job 'right' that one day you will look at your child and realize they are a better person than you are...sounds like you are doing it right! Happy Birthday Ruby!

Brenda said...

That was lovely. Can our children ever really know how much we love them and all that we know they are, and can be?

Jaime said...

I simply CANNOT believe that Kid is 10! Have I been reading your blog THAT long? I suppose so.


You are a lucky girl to part of such a furiously fabulous family!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you everyone! Ruby had a great birthday this year. It helped that the Lutherans don't celebrate Halloween at school so for once her birthday could be honored appropriately by her classmates ;) I also accidentally made the best chocolate buttercream ever tasted on Earth (for real).... no, sadly, I won't ever be able to duplicate it.

Mrs. Smitty,
The year Ruby was 4 she and I were NOT the best of friends. That was a hard year that had me wondering where she had gone and if she'd ever come back. It was like she had suffered some kind of brain damage that turned her into an evil alternate persona. I was very frustrated and sad about feeling like I had lost my bond with her during that time. I can't remember exactly (had to try to block it out to preserve my sanity) but I think by 5 she had mostly grown out of it and had reverted back to her normal personality. So, hang in there, and I'm sure it will improve with age.

Julie said...

And I will live next door to you;).

Lori said...

Mrs. F,
It's been a long time since I have posted on your blog, but I am a faithful follower. I check your blog multiple times a week and truly feel as though we're friends. (Isn't that funny...? You don't know me, but I feel as though I know all of you.) I have loved hearing about your girls since the very first post. I'd often laugh out loud at your stories. Ruby's name fits her perfectly. She is a true gem. I am so glad that you all have found a "Happy" place for her. She deserves it. She is such a wise soul. I look forward to watching her grow up. Please tell her Happy Birthday from Arizona! May she get all that she wishes for. And kudos to her Wonderful parents for letting her shine and be who she needs/wants to be!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh, thank you. I'm making Christmas cookies with Baby right now, and remember the perfectly iced sugar cookies you made years ago on your blog.
I hope that you and your husband and all your boys are all doing well.

Mrs Furious said...

It could happen. I think Murphy and Baby could be a good match. ;)

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Kid, your post made me cry.

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