Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Love, The Furious Family

This has been a CRAZY week for us trying to cram all of our holiday prep into such a short period of time!  

Let's start at the beginning:

Here are the Christmas goodie bags we put together for all of the girls' classmates... 
(a chocolate Santa, a pencil, a puzzle eraser, and a candy cane.)  
(I personally felt REALLY good about this!  I put together over 30 of these for about $16.)  

Not pictured: Personalized religious teacher's ornaments.  Thank you Bronner's for having an entire section of these!

Charley Bell putting together a pan of Rolo Turtles:
(Don't mind that foot!)

(Sadly, I didn't have time to make any of my traditional Christmas cookies this year.  
Trying not to beat myself up too much over that.)

Decorating our WAY too short tree:
(It looked much taller at the lot!) 
(Don't mind Kid's hair wrap + antlers... 
we had to try and squeeze this in on a school night after her shower.)

(We could only fit about1/2 our ornaments.... Oh well, clean up will be a breeze.)

Last minute attempt at a Christmas Card photo...

(Still haven't gotten around to that... maybe New Year's cards this year)

Santa lists:

 (Good luck trying to find a Chinese doll made of china 2 days before Christmas!)  
(Note to self:  next year demand they write to Santa sooner.)
(Turns out only having two things is harder...)
(thankfully Santa was a good guesser)

Christmas Eve eve I finally got the house cleaned up and fulfilled Baby's wish to string up Popcorn & Cranberry garland...

(I attempted this one year before kids when I still lived in NYC... 
and I remember that it was actually an EXTREMELY frustrating process.)
(P.S. I didn't have high hopes going into this one)

 (Turns out Kid LOVED it.)
(She made them for 2 straight days and proclaimed it her new personal Christmas tradition)

Failed attempt to show you that on Christmas Eve afternoon it started SNOWING!!!! ...
 (We were all so excited that we ended up with a White Christmas!)

The girls after the Children's service on Christmas Eve...

 (Baby was in a Mexican Dance celebrating Christmas traditions from around the world.)  
(She did great! So proud of her for her performance abilities.)

After the service we got to enjoy the luminaries lining every street in our little village... 

 (Such a beautiful tradition, made all the better with the addition of a snowy backdrop!)

Unfortunately all that snow made for a treacherous and long drive out for our Christmas eve dinner!  We finally made it home right before Santa hit our house...

(Phew!  That was a close one!  Got them in their beds at midnight.) 
(Kid was FREAKING OUT that he wouldn't come if they were still up.)

Turns out that tracker isn't totally accurate, by my clock Santa wasn't done at our house 
until 2:30 AM...
  (Santa may have been whimpering in my bed at 12:30 desperately wanting a nap 
while waiting for the kids to be sound asleep)

Proof that Santa was here...

(Apparently the reindeer don't like the carrot tops.)

Might have been the happiest Christmas Morning to date...
 (Possibly our last with 100% believing children and I am grateful for it!)
(Although I will be happy for the extra sleep non-believing children allow)

Adorable Nativity that Kid made me for Christmas...

Mr F modeling his men's nightgown...

(Believe it or not Mr F wore a nightshirt just like this when we were first dating.)
(Yep, I've never let him live that one down.)
(But look at his blurry face... he LOVES it.)  
(And now we have daily fodder for mocking him.  It's a Win-Win!)

Mr. F ended up giving me the best gift he's ever given me.  I actually cried.  After the year when he gave me a giant blue zip up fleece bag robe thing with foot holes (monogrammed, no less), I've REALLY lowered my expectations.  This year, seeing how hard it was for me to find something nice to wear to all of Baby's performances and Christmas parties (especially since I won't buy myself anything over $10... and I haven't worked out in 6 months so nothing fits) he gave me a black velvet dress, a sparkly cardigan, a dressy scarf, and an evening purse.... so that I'd always have something I could throw together. I was very surprised!  

That's all folks! 

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

With Love, 
The Furious Family


Torey said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

I love Mr. F's nightgown. My Dad (who is significantly older than Mr. F) wears one of those!

Also, how come we saw a picture of the nightgown but no picture of the beautiful outfit for you?!?!

Julie said...

I love every piece of this Christmas rundown.
I love Kid's expression at the table before starting the popcorn/cranberry stringing.

And c'mon, you know that secretly it was that 'man' nightgown that made you fall in love with Mr. F way back when in Brooklyn:).

Santa was still going strong around these parts with Murphy (Jack doesn't say a peep. It is totally "don't ask, don't tell" though, at almost age 13, if he still believes, I'd be concerned that he is not as smart as he looks;).) Murphy just wants to believe in Magic so much that though I am sure it makes no sense at all that Santa or the Easter Bunny exist, he won't let it enter his mind. I think we might have to tell Murphy this year. I don't want him to be teased buy other kids next year if most kids don't believe anymore. Really I am less concerned about him being 'devastated' than once he knows it really is us, he will start demanding his presents earlier;). Ugh. I know that will happen.

Glad you had such a nice day! We had a good day, too. Of course, we had to split up in the afternoon when Jack & I went to my parents for a visit and Tom stayed here with Murphy. Murph has not been in a good place the last 4 weeks with going places. Including school. It has been a motherfucking (Sorry Katieo for the swear!! It felt necessary to convey the message;) ) INTENSE and exhausting last 4 weeks.

And yes, I concur with Torey, I want to see pictures of the fancy outfit!! Well done, Mr. F!!

Oh yeah, LOVE the Christmas Lists. And holy cow, Baby looks so grown up in her fancy outfit. The girls look BEAUTIFUL. Okay, what's up with me and all the CAPS. I got to go mainline some coffee in me.
Over and OUT;)

Love to your family!!

Julie said...

teased buy other kids
Wow, is that not a telling typo of the season. Or maybe I am just that stupid that I don't know the difference in spelling the word "by".

Or maybe I just really need to go mainline that coffee I was talking about.

Maybe I am actually lingering in the comment section of your blog because I am avoiding cleaning up the kitchen.

Maybe far away. And maybe real nearby.

Okay, I need to be stopped.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh, I am not cleaning anything today!! Don't do it.
I'm sorry things are in a bad spot with Murphy :( Send him out here... I never want to leave the house either ;)
At Ruby's school it seemed like a fair % still believe in 4th grade... but.... it is a *special* setting ;) I think she has her suspicions but we take it all the way and she clearly wants to believe so we encourage that. Since my parents were divorced and Santa was celebrated differently at each house I figured it out very early and I didn't want that to happen for them.

Sadly no pic of the outfit... because... ahem... I need a bigger size! Wah! (although at least it is only too small in the chest... but seeing as it has an empire waist that isn't much of a consolation)
I have really been eating like absolute shit and getting no sleep and I am like 90% body fat now ;) I actually woke up with a sugar hangover today and was like "enough is enough!!". I need to get some routine back for myself but ironically having the girls at school has left me with less time for myself?! And it's been a real nightmare on any self care front for myself. :( My therapist was trying to convince me to pull them out now since the overall negatives for my wellbeing are really taking their toll. I'm pretty miserable.... the driving is killing me... the all afternoon & evening devoted to homework erases any workout time I used to have. I haven't even weighed myself but I'm pretty sure I've gained 20+ lbs since moving to MI 2 years ago. Most of it since this Fall. I need to do something to stop this, (because I'm really not eating too much.... I swear... it's just age + stress + no working out... I know you understand my plight!!!) but right now I have no time or energy left to do anything for myself. And I'd pretty much need to eat 800 calories a day to lose weight without exercising... and I can't make that much of a sacrifice right now. Wah!
Okay enough of the pity party.

wootini said...

Merry Christmas Furious Family!!! Glad you all had a wonderful day. (Kudos to Mr. F - sounds like a lovely present!)


Mrs Furious said...

We got the fudge! Thank you so much. Kid said "Whoever made this fudge definitely knows how to make great fudge!"

wootini said...

LOL, tell Kid I said thank you! But it's really thanks to my Grandma, who handed down the recipe & knowledge (for which we are all so grateful!!!)

I'm so glad you got it and it was still edible. Happy New Year! :)


Julie said...

but seeing as it has an empire waist that isn't much of a consolation) LOL...well, sort of. It made me laugh, but I know what a discouraging bummer it is, too.

I felt like I had more time when the kids were home, too, rather than in school full time. Yeah, that drive must be killing you.

Hey, maybe we should start up that food journal blog again. Right now, though, it would be ridiculous. I keep buying and throwing out lettuce and opting to have meals that consist of handfuls of butter cookies and m&m's.

And wow, has it really been 2 years since you moved back to MI??

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great Christmas for the Furious family! Enjoy your little ones and the magic of Santa. We had to wake the boys up this year--a first for us! It's a much quieter time...
Ugh! The weight issue... People, being mid 40s is like being given a whole new body that works completely differently! What the heck?!
Julie, going places... Sounds like you got that worse than we did, but I feel you on that one :(
I hope everyone's 2013 is full of more good than bad, and lots of love and laughter!

Julie said...

going places Yeah, Brenda, people with neurotypical kids take the simplest things for granted;).
I bought myself a coffee mug with the word Patience etched into it.

katieo said...

1. the ManGown is awesome! How very Dickens of Mr. F.

2. The girls look adorable. They are really growing up!

3. I really miss Bronners.

4. Julie. I laughed out loud at your apology. And thank you. And I loved your Christmas card. TOtally busted up laughing at Murphy's face. I'm sorry the last month has been so hard. You need to blog, woman.

5. I remember when you made those stockings Mrs. F! They're still very cute.

Merry Christmas! 2013! Here's to breaking out of the sugar coma! (blech).

Julie said...

Yay Katie!!! Hi girl:) I do need and want to blog.

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