Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daily Doings

Yesterday it was foggy, which always makes me think about how we live on a PLANET... I've been known to ponder that from time to time.  You know, gravity, gases, the whole nine yards. It's a lot to wrap your mind around.  Or sometimes when I'm driving down the road I'll see a tree and realize... dude, that is just a BIG plant... you know?  I mean, yes, obviously, but sometimes I'll see a leafless oak and just be struck at how similar it is to say a dead woody mum. Like a gigantic dead mum.  And it is kind of amazing.  I think a lot about the whole living on a planet thing.  Do you think about that?  It is full on CRAZY.

This week is overwhelming.  Baby turns six tomorrow! (shh... she doesn't like to talk about it... although yesterday she said maybe this year she wouldn't cry on her birthday eve but she is still sad about growing up.... which is a significant improvement over the last two years where she cried herself to sleep.)  To cheer herself she has designed her birthday cake.  Three tiers, orange, with rainbows, unicorns and blue cats... that shouldn't be too hard to pull off on a school night!

Fear not, she's thought of that and has given me detailed decorating instructions.  Check out all those piping bags of different icing colors! I only have to mix 8 custom colors! (at least she knows what she is doing)  I hope she isn't disappointed when her cake is 2 tiers with blue and white icing.  I will make an m&m rainbow but the 3 D cats and large unicorn.... not so sure.

Also, Kid's friend's last day of school is tomorrow.  So that should be awesome.  They have been skyping all the time, which has been great... but unfortunately once she goes back to Korea the time change is about as bad as it can be (14 hours) and that will be very hard for them to keep up with school and bedtimes.  We are going to try on weekend nights to Skype at 8-9 which will be 10-11 in the morning for her friend.  We'll try!! Of course, we can only control half of the equation.  I made a picture frame and printed a picture for her friend to take home.  They also got their Best Friends necklaces yesterday and her friend gave her a barrette her mother gave her before she passed away.  She has a matching one.  (truthfully that was hard!)  She hadn't told Kid that her mother was dead (their teacher told me 2 weeks ago) and she finally emailed Kid and told her about it and said she is always afraid to say it, and she was sorry she hadn't ever told her.  Kid and I cried ALL NIGHT.  That was a very hard email to receive and respond to as a 10 year old.  I know tonight and tomorrow night are going to be VERY hard for Kid and I really wish someone so sweet and kind didn't have to suffer through another hardship.  She is truly such a wonderful person.  So sweet and thoughtful and generous.  Her friend wrote her a letter thanking her for her kindness and telling her she was the nicest friend she'd ever had and her friends in Korea are mean (also made Kid & I cry all night).  I just want to help her with this transition and do everything I can to honor this friendship and keep it going.
(P.S. look at how old Kid looks now!)

Of course, we have to deal with this on Baby's birthday and birthday eve (with elaborate cake decorating!, class cupcake making, etc) and a huge Science test, memory test, & spelling.  Kid's stomach has been hurting so much it is hard for her to do anything when she gets home from school.  I told Kid... fuck it.... I don't even care about her grades this week... just try and enjoy being with her friend and let it go.  It doesn't matter.  We are also letting her Skype all evening and past bedtime while she can.

(Skyping while doing homework together!  Her friend plans to attend Oxford... so... she's a pretty good homework influence!)


Kellie said...

Saying a prayer for Kid this morning and I can't believe Baby is 6! I think she was 3 when I started reading your blog. Where does the time go?!?!

Julie said...

What a mature friendship Kid & her friend have...talking about death of mother, having to move not only far away, but to country across the world, the heartache, the would so much for a person 3 times Kid's age to endure (the heartache part). I felt like crying, too, when you shared some of the stuff.

Well, I guess I won't complain anymore that my kids never ask for any special kind of cake on their birthdays. They are always so like "whatever". When they were little I would still make wacky cakes for them, but no one ever gave me a sketch! Good luck with this one!

Good luck with everything this week. I will thinking of Kid. Sending love.

And I expect to be getting your food diary emails next week, dude;).

Brenda said...

I love that Kid has this wonderful friend. I hather hat she is moving so far away. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Hoping Kid feels better soon.

And happy, happy birthday to Baby. Beautiful little lady! And I LOVE her drawings!

Brenda said...

Okay, "hather hat" is "hate that". I shouldn't try to comment from my iPhone. Can't type...

Mrs Furious said...

Well, we lived through it.
I'll post more tomorrow.
I did make a cake that looked SHOCKINGLY like her drawing. I deserve a gold medal for that one. and I was working under extreme duress!
I made it to the school a little before the end of the day... I had a feeling that her friend would leave early and I had Kid's gifts for her... and I was right. I got there just in time. During the goodbye her aunt was crying (she wants her to live w/her), Kid started sobbing, I started crying and then her friend started breaking down. Good God... it was quite the ordeal. She did give us good news tonight (or at least enough hope to maybe get through this) that her dad said he'd fly her back to Michigan for some of her summer break if she wants. Who knows if that will happen or if it is true, but believing it will might help us get through this part. Wah!!!!!!!!!!! So hard for Kid :(

Julie said...

Life can be so effing unfair:( Kid deserves to have her friend closer by.

btw, holy shit on the bento lunch things. adorable.

Julie said...

Life can be so effing unfair:( Kid deserves to have her friend closer by.

btw, holy shit on the bento lunch things. adorable.

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