Friday, February 1, 2013

Her Vision Realized

The Set Up:
I'm not even gonna lie... I was intimidated by this cake design.  

The Delivery:
Had Baby not been home directing me, this is where I would have stopped.
I mean look at how faithfully I recreated her unicorn drawing!  Come on!

But to Baby's eye it was still missing some key details.
Way on the bottom of her drawing she has red, yellow, green, and blue 5 petaled flowers.
I REALLY didn't want to mix more icing colors!  So, I enlisted Baby to make them out of jelly bellies.  I am extremely controlling about cake decorating, so just know that took real effort on my part!

But it was still missing something. She insisted she needed those blue cats!  
Enter bento picks I just bought for lunches.  
Phew... that was a close one.
After that, Baby said "That is the best cake you have EVER made!"


(P.S. I have also developed the absolute, hands down, best chocolate icing you have EVER tasted. 
For 100% real. Sweet baby Jesus... I don't even like icing... so I'm serious about this.  It is like if you spread the most superior chocolate truffle you ever had on a cake. I mean it.  More on that some other time)


Brenda said...

Awesome! Thank God for the bento picks. Perfection.

I think the same thing about the birthday cakes with my kids. They each actually have a little brag book-sized photo albums with each year's cake, and then them with the cake, as a spread. It's great because it shows my cake efforts and them growing through the years, so they can honor me in the future for my lovingly made creations! :)

PS: I love Charlotte's creativity! And would like your frosting recipe...

wootini said...

That is a phenomenal cake!!! Very impressed. And I NEED that frosting recipe!

How on earth is it possible that she is six years old?


Andrea said...

Baby six impossible, love the cake you did a fantastic job! Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Theresa said...

Awesome cake!!! You did a fantastic job re-creating her drawing. I cannot believe that she is 6 years old....time sure does fly!

Julie said...

What a "dream come true" cake for a little girl. Freaking spectacular.

Peta Mayer said...

Brilliant. You are an epic mother.

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