Thursday, January 3, 2013

For What It Is Worth

I did a pretty terrible job on Christmas gifts for Mr F this year.  My one success was the new Of Monsters And Men cd My Head Is An Animal.  We listened to this about 100 times on our trip to PA.  It never gets old.  And SERIOUSLY every track is fantastic.  This is one of those albums where the radio single is the weakest link.  We are ALL pretty much listening to it 24/7... I don't think that has happened since The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan.  

Track 1 - Dirty Paws - Mr F's & Kid's favorite

Track 5 - From Finner - My favorite

All Tracks - Baby's favorite (she won't admit it but it is clearly Track 4 - Slow & Steady)

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-amy said...

It's my husband that is generally TERRIBLE with gifts. Thank god for my "Covet" board on Pinterest. Except every item he can buy in hot pink will be hot pink (when I'm looking for white, clear, baby pink, metallic).

I 'bought' my husband a new road bike, which had nothing to do with me at all. I felt like there was no way I should spend another dime considering the cost of the bike, so this year he was super thoughtful and I just punted.

My last 'listen to the whole lp' was YEARS ago. Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News. Now I am just lazy and listen to Pandora. I am starting to be just like my mother and have no idea when the kids (two now in middle school) start talking about bands I've never heard.

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