Friday, January 11, 2013

This Week... The Update

So, I've made it through a full school week and my new workout plan is actually working time wise.  Even on my busy multi-appointment mornings I'm able to squeeze it in.  FYI I'm stepping (believe it) while watching West Wing episodes (I never watched it the first time around) on Netflix.  I'm digging it.

I looked for my scale but I think it is too far into the mouse zone (basement) so I had to bail out on the mission.  I've been doing this for 9 days and I had started to wonder if maybe I should weigh myself so I can monitor my progress.  But maybe it is for the best.  Maybe I'll be in a healthier mental place and less likely to end up sabotaging myself if I really don't know how successful I am/or am not.  You know?  So far, I'm pretty successful and it really hasn't become a stress or an issue and maybe it is best to stick with what is working.  Maybe weighing myself gets my extremist juices flowing which also gets my inner saboteur going.  Okay, I've just said the same thing 7 times.  We all get it.  I'm going to not weigh in.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I never did & when I go for my physical in the summer it's a big reveal?  Yes.  That sounds good.

This week I also stepped up lots of the good stuff:  I made homemade chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and cloverleaf rolls.  I'm calorie counting everyday and emailing it out for accountability.  I threw Baby a fairly elaborate tea party on the spot when she asked for it (without putting it off, or saying I was too busy)...
I changed out all the bed linens (I hate doing this!).  I've been doing a pretty excellent job of adding in small cleaning tasks every weekday (laundry room baseboards, wiping down the handprints & paw prints on the walls, dusting the dining room ceiling... thanks to the fly lady cozi app).  I went to the used clothing store and snagged a couple pairs of snowpants, snow gloves, & boots for the Korean students that don't have any.  I even scheduled a weekend play date with one of Kid's favorite Korean friends... which I had been putting off since the logistics were complicated (and I have social anxiety... what can I say?!).  I also asked the other mom at Baby's dance if they'd like to have play dates (another big social anxiety breakthrough!).  On top of the usual... breakfast, lunch & dinner prep x 7, dance, gymnastics, homework, library, appointments, cleaning, shopping, bill paying, driving 90 miles a day, etc, of my daily grind.  AND I'm super close to organizing my craft closet and clearing off my bedroom chair... so close... really.

So all in all I'm telling you I'm getting my groove back and am feeling much more in control of my life and not just treading water.  Woah... 2012 was a tough year and it was really wearing me down and dragging down my quality of life.

Sunday: Pan seared Chicken breasts (used this same seasoning... so good), rice pilaf, peas

Monday: Tomato & Meatball Soup (oh yeah, we still have this all the time)

Tuesday: Weird impulse buy: Whole Foods frozen take out style Chinese
(cheaper & healthier than take out... way too much trouble heating up so many things... it took forever)

Wednesday: Tortellini bake (we have this once a week, Mr F says "Oh I love this dinner!" every single time like it's the first time he's ever had it... maybe if I get really organized I'll post the recipe), broccoli

Thursday: Chicken noodle soup, cloverleaf rolls, salad

Friday: Lentil soup, pita, salad

Saturday: Pizza


Kellie said...

You have social anxiety too?!?! I mean, I am sorry you do, but I only know one other person that does. I have it and I HATE it. As a matter of fact I am mildly freaking out about a photography workshop I signed up for tomorrow. Thankfully a friend will be with me, but seriously what was I thinking?? I am more of an online class type. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh my God, YES, I have it. I can't even order pizza (?!). I do force myself to function and do all things required (obviously) but new things, events, even trying to call this Korean woman and set up a play date are nearly crippling and can make me pretty physically sick. Leading up to stuff (even a new doctor's appointment) is torture for me but once I'm at the appt/event/playdate I am mostly fine and no one would ever suspect what I put myself through to get there. I really hate that Kid has it, too. (Mr F, too!). We are a real fun house to be at before a party ;)

wootini said...

Wait, you guys too? Online transactions (including ordering pizza) are the best thing ever. I loathe talking on the phone - email is a godsend. Like you, Mrs. F, I'm fine once I get to the event but leading up to it, well - you know. So interesting.

Kellie said...

I'm the same way...most people never suspect a thing...they just think I'm quiet. Which is true, I am because I can't BREATHE! The workshop was fine and I am so thankful there were about 100 people there, I like to hide in a crowd! Like you I force myself to do things and always have because of Emily. I did therapy for a while because in addition to feeling like my chest is being squeezed I would also get a raging headache. After therapy I can keep myself from getting the headache, but it didn't make the anxiety any better. I've tried meds, but feeling dependent on a drug isn't helpful (control issues) for me. I sound like a bag of crazy! ;)

Mrs Furious said...

We keep waiting for our local joint to go online then I'll be able to stop calling Mr F to order it from work (he loves that!). It is SO ridiculous but I just can't do it!

yay! Always happy to hear when things work out.

JavaChick said...

I have social anxiety too - props to you for arranging the play dates!

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